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Wanted Ads Update January 2018

I will post your ad for you.
Send an email to Web Master listing the ad the way you want it to read, and then let me know when we can delete it.


Tools Wanted January 2018

Beginner Blacksmith looking for starter Forge and tools. Blacksmiths that have upgraded to better equipment, looking to get rid of their old stuff or anyone that may have a good starter set, please contact me. Please include pictures/info/price. Thanks!


Tools Wanted August 2017

We are looking for a pair of tongs, a vice and a small anvil. If you have any of the items above and are willing to sell please let me know.


Apprenticeship Wanted Nov 2015

Apprenticeship wanted

I am looking for a fulltime apprenticeship. Not many do this now a days ive heard but if you dont atleast try youll never know for sure. My name is Jeb Sherrod, its always been a passion to become a blacksmith, ever since i was a child. I am strong willed and passionate about any job ive ever had. But those were jobs. Im looking for a career now. Please allow me the opprotunity to prove myself. I live in League City, traveling is not a issue. Please feel free to call or email me at the following.



Hydraulic/Forging Press Dies WANTED! Sept 14

Im looking for singles or sets of forging press dies. Im building a press from scratch and having a hard time find the metal to make dies for it,so I'm asking all my fellow smiths out there to look through your supplies/dies and please let me know if you have any you can sell or donate. I need all sorts of dies, it can even be different sizes and from a power/trip hammer because I'm making a adapter to interchange all sorts of sizes and styles.

You can get a hold of me by emailing: OR

Allan Hillegass


Training Wanted May 12

Do you offer any workshops on learning the basics of blacksmithing? I'd love to take some classes to gain some skill. If so, please provide me with some information.

I live in deep South Texas and don't mind making the occasional drive to the Houston area, but do you know of any blacksmith shops in the Rio Grande Valley?

Thank you in advance,
Roberto Villarreal


Little Giant Wanted May 12


We are a small crew of blacksmiths and woodworkers and we own our company - John Neeman Tools. We do make traditional woodworking tools and knives. Our website is - We are looking for an old Little Giant Power Hammer to buy in the states. We are located in the Northern Europe - Lettland. If there is any chance how you can help us - we will appreciate it.

Thank you very much,


John Neeman Tools


ARMY Forge Wanted Nov 11


Please contact:
Greg Krenzelok at:


Anvil and Forge Wanted Jan 11

Looking for good anvil 80-200 lbs, post leg vise, forge, blower, tongs, etc. Will pay good prices for good items.

Will travel up to 300 miles from Houston.

Daniel Pullen
Spring, Tx


Anvil Wanted Oct 10

I am a new metalsmithing faculty at Houston Community College and much to my surprise, and disappointment, I've discovered that the program does not have an anvil of any kind. I would love to find one (under 100 lbs; 50 lbs, or 35 lbs would be fine) but with the State budget the way it is, and the fact that I will have to buy it out of my own pocket (because the school has strict purchasing procedures) I need to find a cheap anvil, or get one donated to the program.

If you know of anyone in the area who may have an anvil they would give to a developing metals program, please let me know.

Thank you for your time.

Corey Ackelmire


Blacksmith Tools Wanted Dec 09

Gino Julian, a fine youth & a HABA member since the summer, is keen on learning the art of blacksmithing. His birthday is on 27 December so we are requesting to those willing to sell or give-away their surplus blacksmithing tools to review the following list of items Gino would love to receive.

  • anvil
  • section of tree trunk we can mount the anvil on
  • hammer
  • forge, blower, etc.
Our budget is limited to $300 total. The above will give Gino the basics so he can begin to practice the great skills he has learned attending the HABA meetings. Please give me a call so we can discuss cost, availability etc.

Thank you & God bless.
John Julian
(c) 713-582-9381
31511 Edgewater Dr.
Magnolia, TX 77354


Blacksmith Teacher Wanted Dec 09

I’m looking to start in the arts of smithing but have not found a trainer to do so I live in south Houston/Brazoria area and am looking for a teacher/trainer to start the arts I’m really looking forward to using it for a career and hobbys. Email me If you know anything.

Thanks from a college student
Nolan Garza


Blacksmith Wanted July 09

My name is J.R. Thomas and I work at the George Ranch Historical Park. We are currently looking for a full time blacksmith for our Ranch. We are a living history site, educating the public about Texas history as well as the crafts and skills involved in creating this beautiful state. I have been on the search for a month now and have had difficulty in finding a replacement . Someone pointed me in the direction of your organization and I was wondering if there was anyone you might know who might want a job out here.

We deal with thousands of people a year from all over the world who want to come see ranch life from the 1830’s all the way into the 1930’s. We have an 1830’s log cabin with outbuildings, an 1860’s Civil War-era house, an 1890’s Victorian house, a blacksmith shop, a chuckwagon, a sharecropper farm, a 1930’s home as well as a cowboy demonstration area with supporting barns and stables. We do have to deal with the extremes of temperature and weather but on the other hand, we get to do what we do for fun and enjoyment and get paid for it! This opportunity may be something for an apprentice blacksmith, but I am looking for someone to be out here Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 5 p.m.

J.R. Thomas
1830's Site Lead
George Ranch Historical Park
Office: 281-343-0218 ext. 246
Cell: 281-794-8302


Treadle Hammer Tools Dec 08

I am looking for fuller dies ( any size at this point), chisels and punches, and maybe other tools I haven't even thought of yet, to use with a treadle hammer. The dies need to fit a 1" hardy hole.

Bob Hensley


Advice and Apprenticeship Wanted Oct 08

I am looking for a little bit of advice on where to get started, and how to enter the Blacksmith world. I have Ideas for my ultimate goals in mind, and look to pursue this trade as a career and not just a hobby. An apprenticeship where i work for my lessons would be ideal, but i do realize that it is a bit far fetched now-a-days. Anything would help.

Bryan Bartley


Anvil Wanted Oct 08

Anvil wanted...primarily for knife forging. Would prefer in the 100-200lb+range. (heavier the better)

I am located in Eugene, Oregon.

Please e-mail me with what you have.

Thank you,

Jeff Forrest


Sword Making Instructor June 08

I am looking for someone in the Houston Area that can teach me the art of Sword Making. I am interested in all facets of sword making. This is an art form that is becoming lost overtime and I want to preserve it for future generations, or do my best to help. If anyone has time to teach a hard working, strong and determined individual let me know.

I live in Humble, TX, have transportation and I'm 26 years old.

Thank you,

Michael Reese


Full Time Apprenticeship March 08

I'm am looking for a full time apprenticeship. I have always dreamed of becoming a blacksmith, I am seeking a teacher/employer who will teach me this great art. In return I promise to be hardworking , completely loyal to my job, and fully devoted to perfecting my skills. I am 22 years old, solid work history, high school diploma, and currently in night college. I'm big, strong, and use to a hard days labor. Please trust in me, I will not let you down.

Charles Caleb Moore



Post Drill Jun 07

I Am Looking For A Post Drill. A medium size would be great. Please email or call.

Larry Howard


Fabricators / Blacksmiths Wanted For Hire Aug 06

Now interviewing experienced blacksmiths / fabricators for full time positions in making custom ornamental stairways, driveway gates, balconies, furniture, etc. We're a family-owned company that has served River Oaks and other fine estates for four generations. Please contact either myself, Kirk Weber, or my brother and business partner, Kent Weber. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Weber Ornamental, Inc.


Blacksmith Demonstrator Proposal Request Feb 06

The Los Angeles County Fair is seeking a Blacksmith demonstrator/vendor who can setup in Heritage Square with other craftsmen, demo the craft to the public all day and evening Wednesday thru Sunday from Sept 8 through Oct 1. This is the largest county fair in the world with 3.2 million visitors, including tours from 98,000 school kids.

This is a new venue at the fair. The Heritage Square theme covers years 1875-1925 and all crafts are invited to participate. You can sell to the public and a percentage goes to the fair. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Mr. Sky Shivers by email ( ) and he will send you information on how to make a proposal to provide this service.


Hammer Information Sought Jan 06

My name is Mike and I live in Australia, and I have a power hammer that I am seeking any information on. The power hammer is branded Felix Dietz, the plate also reads as follows: Blattfeder Hammer Rekord, DRGM 707762, 707763, Oberlungwitz.i.Sa.

This unit is obviously very old and I would like to find out it's year of manufacture. It is riveted, the belt drive has an idler pulley that disengages the drive as the belt moves across the to this pulley, and the stroke and speed is adjustable by changing the eccentric swing. I will send photos if you request. Please see and click on any of the four photos below.

Hope you can help,
Mike Raadschelders


I want a 300# anvil July 05

Looking for a 300 plus pound anvil. Will pay and make shipping arrangements to New York. My fiance is a blacksmith and has been looking for a large anvil.

Please email Mandy at


I want a Large blacksmith anvil Dec 04

Wanted: Large blacksmith anvil in good condition. At least 200 lbs. or larger. Ideally I would like a 260 # JHM Competitor but am willing to consider others in good condition.

Please email Davin at

or phone 701-685-2468 evenings in South-central North Dakota


I want a chandelier pot rack June 04

I'd like it to have 2 down lights & 6 up lights (2 each on either side, 1 on each end). I can wire the chandelier if the design is right. I'd like it to be approximately 36-38" long. If anyone is interested in giving me a bid, I would entertain all bids. Later on, I'd also like to replace my short staircase wooden handrails and spindles with iron. I certainly hope an iron artist in interested! I can be reached at work @ 713-646-4505 or (800-564-3036, ext. 4505), cell: 281-799-1944 or email to either: or

Monya Churchill


Apprenticeship Wanted May 04

Looking for instruction and guidence in north houston area (Woodlands- Tomball) will trade work, trade skills, or money in exchange for insruction. I am not a beginer or a kid (I'm 25) and just not formally trained. but no stranger to a shop.

Jared Phillips


Custom Rapier Wanted Dec 03

I want to have a custom rapier constructed that i have designed. Any help would be great, and was hoping to have this made as something that I could actually use and practice with. I was going to buy a double wide epee to attach to the hilt so all I would need constructed is the hilt/basket/pommel. I have a basic design, but I am not sure on how the blade would mount to the hilt. I am hoping the smith be able to design that part based on how other rapiers are constructed.

Please contact me,
Brian Williams at



Help Needed Feb 03

Looking for someone w the skill and experience to replicate/adapt Gaudi designs for indoor balcony and/or driveway gate. Please send or describe examples of work. Can reply to
Thanks, Dave H in Houston.



I am looking for a good working hand crank blower.
Call me, Steve 713-880-6811


Looking for a Smith in Dayton,Texas area, who would advise beginning 15 year old of building an old style forge and basic techniques of weapon/swords 

Smithing Instruction    

Seeking basic smithing instruction from a local smith that wouldn't mind someone looking over their shoulder and asking a lot of questions.
I am sending in my membership application in to Larry Hoff but I am eager to start learning. I live in LaPorte and would enjoy hearing from somebody
within 20 miles if possible.

Help Wanted

Angel Sword Forge in Driftwood, Texas has several full time
positions open for bladesmiths, knifemakers, and/or machinists.

Resumes and inquiries to:

Angel Sword Corp.
350 Jennifer Ln.
Driftwood, Texas 78619
(512) 847-9679


Swage Blocks and a Cone Madrel

 I'm looking for swage blocks and a cone madrel
Contact me at 512-491-5200 or
I'm in Austin and ready to drive for a good deal.
"Doc" Mcfadzen
Iron Tulip


Leg Vise and Floor Cone Mandril

Looking for a 7 or 8" heavy legvise and also a floor cone mandril. 1(417)890-9174 

Mike Kellerstrass 


English Wheel or Plans

Looking for a used English wheel or plans of how to build one myself . I want to try and learn this art not for a living, but as a hobby. I understand an air hammer is a must also.
Thanks to anyone with any help.
Tim Harris

 Lenoir, N.C.