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Little Giant 50# Dec 13

I tried to buy this hammer 15 years ago. He doesn't want to deal with tire kickers, therefore I am the designated hitter. The blocks look rusty , but unmarked. The overall condition, in my opinion,of the hammer is excellent. He has another set of blocks ,if he can find them. 2nd owner -1st stored it 40 years, 2nd stored it 20 years. The hammer came from another knifemaker in Floresville 20 years ago. S/N 4735 Built 1925. Has new 220 volt motor and belt. Videos available by request.

Price: $3,000 ========= SOLD ============

I will load for $200 ,cost of a Bobcat rental, and haul for $1.00/mile. Buyer to unload.

Jeff Turner near Kerrville 830-634-2430 thekokopellicowboy@gmail.com


Blacksmith Tools Dec 13

Hello, my name is Tom Smith, I live in San Antonio, Tx. I am selling off most of my blacksmith shop due to our moving to Ireland and none of my electric tools will work over there. Here's a list of items I have for sale, I'll send pictures of some of the things, most are self explanatory.

1. Custom made 1/4" steel plate coke forge, the fire pot needs to be tacked back into place, I removed it so that it was a little lighter while moving, the wheels also need to be replaced, I miss judged the weight of the forge and the wheels I used didn't stand up beyond two moves. I was using an electric fan from a fireplace insert as the bellows, not sure if it still works or not, it did last time I used it. I'm asking $650 for the forge, if asking price is paid, I'll throw in 1 1/2 garbage cans of coke.

================= ALL SOLD ========================

2. Clarke metalworker model bt1000 drill press. $50

3. Black & Decker 7 1/2" Power band saw. $25

4. Large LP tank, 40 Lb and a smaller one like used with bbq grills, $90 for both or $75 for larger, $20 for smaller.

5. Large buffer/grinder on stand, $75

6. Craftsman bench belt sander. $30 with extra belts

7. Metal stand that had a dual squirrel cage mounted on it. $20 (I'll throw in the squirrel cages, the motor burnt and I didn't have time to remove it.

8. Leg vise on portable stand, $100

9. Various smaller grinders, ranging in price from $10 - $20.

10. several antique hand grinders, $20 each.

11. Pro Flex type engraver, $100

12. Professional knife sharpener. $100

I'll have more and more items as i go through the boxes and crates in the shop, I know I have loads of scrap metal and cables I've been hoarding to make knives out of. As well as some ball pein hammers and tongs I still have to go through.

I have a tree stump that I've been using with my anvil that someone can have for free if they come get it.

All items are for pick up only, I will not offer shipping or delivery on any items.

If items are still here in February I'll be taking them to the scrap yard and selling them for the scrap weight.

My contact information is:

Tom Smith


500 pound JHM Blacksmith Anvil Oct 13

500 pound JHM Blacksmith Anvil - $2000 (in Weatherford, Texas 76088)

================= SOLD =================

This is a one-of-a-kind anvil. It is a Swedish design blacksmithing anvil made by JHM Mfg.

  • The table is 24" long, 7" wide with 3/4" X 2" step to the horn.
  • 10 1/2" blunt nose horn
  • 2" thick heel
  • 7/8" pritchel hole
  • 1 1/16" hardy (hardie) hole
  • Solid base which is 16" long and 10 3/4" wide
  • Hardened to 52 Rockwell

  • This anvil is in excellent used condition

    Contact John Marino 817-901-5900


    Forge Pot and Twyer Sept 13

    Firepot is a 12" by 14" Centaur Vulcan coal firepot. The bowl is new. An extra rod and clinker breaker ball comes with it. $200.00

    ================== SOLD ========================


    Gary Hilton
    Cell: 830-459-4015
    I come through Houston occasionally but live in Hunt, Tx which is about 15 miles west of Kerrville. I'm about 265 miles from Houston but we might be able to work something out in between.


    25 # Little Giant June 13

    A 25 lb Little Giant Power Hammer , Serial no. 3467. Excellent condition === SOLD ===

    A Laurel Foundry coal forge complete with Dayton variable speed electric blower . Excellent condition. === SOLD ===

    Ray Kellow

    Magnolia, Texas


    Tool Collection May 13

    Shop/Project Reduction Sale - I've been collecting for over forty years, it's time to share! Most everything is up for offer, but most notably the following:

    • 50# Little Giant powerhammer1948 Model w/original motor - === SOLD ===
    • 25# Little Giant powerhammer1948 Model - (no motor) serial # H 7912 === SOLD ===
    • Drill Press - Silver Mfg. Co. - $350.00
    • Disc Roller - Casting date 1903 - $250.00
    • Drill Press - Champion - $750.00
    • Misc. Line Shafting - $300.00
    • Hand Crank Blower - "Tiger"=== SOLD ===
    • Edwards #5 Alligator Shear - $750.00
    • 60 gal. air compressor=== SOLD ===
    • 60 gal. air compressor newer- $275.00
    • Trucks, trailers, tractors and buckets and buckets of small items.

    Photos are available in this pdf download Collection For Sale.

    Shop is located in Bellville, Texas.

    Delivery could be arranged.

    Contact John F. Graham, 979-270-1933



    Lots of Shop Tools Dec 12/Feb 13

    I have several things for sale. Downsizing shop. If you are looking for something not listed, ask I might have it. Photos are available.

    • Hay Budden Anvil, 81 lbs. horn 7 1/2, 7/8 hardy hole, 1/2 prichel hole, face 11 3/4 x 3 1/4 SOLD
    • Anvil, 70 lb chipping $70
    • Hardy Shear, 31" long, 7" blade $100
    • Mandrel Cone, 4 ft tall, 1 1/2" at top, 12" base $800
    • Bench Shear (Beck, Stow, & Wilcox Co) model 325 capacity 3/16 soft steel $300
    • 12 tongs, Assorted avg. 21" long SOLD
    • leg vise, missing screw, 4 1/2" jaws 38" tall $50
    • table top scroll bender 3/16 x 3/4 flat or 1/4 round SOLD
    • small crank planetary ring bender 1/4 or 1 1/4 flat SOLD
    • Harrington 2 ton Manual Chain Hoist $150
    • Manual Trolley $50
    • Blower, 400 Champion, missing handle $175
    • Wagon tongue leg vise $200
    • 3 phase industrial 10 in chop saw, baldor motor $100
    • leg vise, missing screw & spring, 4" jaw, 38" in tall $40
    • huge amount of cast iron, call
    call Denny at 740-605-2318
    located Zanesville, Ohio
    can send pics of interest


    25# Little Giant and Forge Feb 13

    25# Little Giant in top working order. Rebuilt in 2012. mfg 1952 === SOLD ===

    Also - 3 burner propane forge with 100# propane tank, 2 regulators, 10' ss hose, dual thermocouples with digital readout. === SOLD ===


    Kuhn K CF40 Air Hammer Dec 12

    Selling a Kuhn K CF40 air hammer. Great condition. Includes steel and concrete base. Used in 1 man shop. Includes 4 sets of dies. ===SOLD===.

    Also selling KA 75 single strike hammer. ===SOLD===.

    Lloyd Hughes


    Blacksmith Anvil and Tools Dec 12

    Want to sell complete, Will not see seperate.

    Total Price $1850.00

    • 1928 Sweedan Anvil 122#
    • Legvise 4"
    • Legvise 51/2 "
    • Forge (Elec.)
    • Hand Hammers
    • Tongs
    • Champion Hand Blower ( NEW)
    • Mic. Blacksmith Tools

    Phone # 830-591-6994 Cell
    830-232-5638 Home
    Leakey, Texas


    Shop Tools June 12

    My husband builds furniture... www.tyloyola.com if you would like to take a look.

    He used to have a larger production and did a lot of his own ironwork. With the economy, he has scaled back and no longer does any ironwork. He is fanatical about taking care of things and keeping everything clean. He bought only the best and they have not been used heavily. They should be a great find for the right person.

    1. Propane Forge for sale: $1800
    2. Klingelhofer VersaKut Cold Saw: $12,500
    3. Glaser Air Hammer: $10,000
    4. Millermatice 90 Wire Feeder: $700
    5. Glaser Iron Bender: $1600
    6. Hossfeld Iron Bender: $2500
    Download this PDF file for description and photos : Shop Tools For Sale .


    Kim Loyola

    We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.


    Moloch Triphammer June 12

    25lb Moloch triphammer with new 1hp motor 110v . Ready to go to work $2800.

    No idea of year, it came from Yorktown Tx , probably from one of the local blacksmiths down there. Gause is right outside of Hearne Tx

    call Charlie Young

    Gause, Tx



    Shop Tools June 12

    I am selling the contents of my dad's machine shop in Northeast Oklahoma. This is a partial listing if you have questions please e-mail or call.

    1) Mayer Brothers "Little Giant Helve Hammer" My research has identified this hammer as one less that 400 made???

    2) Trenton 160 lb anvil marked 149 M31244 on the foot

    3) Trenton 125 lb anvil marked 125 174926.

    4) Johnson natural gas forge furnance 122B

    5) 3 south bend lathes

    6) Lincon idealarc 300 AC/DC welder.

    7) Post blacksmith vise.

    8) Large punch press with cutter

    9) 2 Large drill presses with drawers full of bits

    10) Hand crank forge blower motor.

    We also have several other welders, a large band saw, a milling machine that I think is a Browne & Sharpe 1 1/2 with several cutting tools and other machine shop equipment.

    My e-mail is jeff.harrison1@sbcglobal.net

    My cell phone is 918-323-one, six, seven, two.

    I will be available after 5 pm to 9 pm on weekdays and from 9 AM to 9 PM the weekend. I do have some pictures of the equipment and am in process of taking more.


    Farriers Anvil April 12

    I have this 185 lb anvil for sale. It is a farriers anvil with nice edged, face, and holes. $800.00 firm, will need to arrange for pickup or pay shipping upon purchace.

    ====================== Sold ======================

    Thank you, very much,
    Douglas Herrick
    Gardner, KS


    Wet Wheel Grinder March 12

    Stone 30" wet wheel grinder. Perfectly round with no chips or cracks that I can find. Original stone refacer that is attached to the well casing is included, see photo.

    Hit and miss drive adapted to an electric motor via v-belt. Works great. Very heavy, I can only lift it with my forklift.

    I really have no idea as to actual value since I cannot find anyone who has ever seen one of these.

    =================== SOLD =================


    Bowman Power Hammer March 12

    Bowman power hammer. I think it is a 50 pound and I have more parts to go with it. I have the spring and other parts, it "as is".

    Located near Burton. $1000

    Email rstanley77835@yahoo.com

    979 451 0179


    Hossfeld Bender February 12

    I have a Hossfeld bender #2 for sale. I bought it about 15 years ago. It is in very good condition mounted on a heavy truck rim.

    It can be run with a hydraulic cyclinder,but the cyclinder is missing,but can be used manually of course.

    I have several dies and pieces but never used it so not sure what they are.

    I want $1200.00

    Located near Chillicothe, Ohio

    email: pvrr@horizonview.net
    or call 740-626-2676




    Columbian Anvil May 12

    85lb Columbian Anvil, Excellent Condition, 3.5in x 14.75in face, 8in horn (includes cutting table), 9.75in tall, .75in hardy hole. $325.00

    ================= SOLD =================

    A post vice as massive as this, in this kind of condition is a rarity. ===SOLD===

    The jaws are 6in wide in excellent condition. Manufactured by The Iron City Co.

    Overall height is 43in $350.

    ============ SOLD ============

    Dan Barczak
    Toledo , Ohio


    Trenton Anvil January 12

    I have an Trenton 150lb anvil for sale, and it is in near perfect condition.

    • tool steel top,
    • cast steel bottom,
    • over-all length is 29",
    • horn is 11",
    • height is 11 1/2",
    • face is 3 3/4", deafening ring,
    • face just surface ground 20/1000ths.

    I will crate for shipment,$600.00 or best offer/trade.

    Jim Whyland
    812-256-2626 or 502-552-7889
    Louisville, Kentucky


    Blacksmith Equipment December 11

    I've aquired some stuff & would like to move it to new homes. The following is for sale:

    • 1- 450# Bridge Anvil, 6 3/4" X 24" face, 12 1/2" X 28" base, 1 1/2" hardy hole w/cutoff hardy. $800/obo ==Sold===
    • 1- 15"X15"X4" Swage Block $125/obo ==Sold===
    • 1- 4" X 13" Anvil Vice on 24" base, in working condition. $200/obo
    • 1- Buffalo manual Drill press $100 ==Sold===
    • 1- Forge with attached blower, all working, needs a few new bolts to tighten up. forge pan is 24" X 36" X3" deep. has a crack, but can be used as is or repaired easily. $200 ==Sold===
    • 3- Leg Vices, 1- mounted on stand, $250, 1- works, unmounted $150, 1- needs a tension spring. $100 ==All Sold===

    I also offer classes on Bladesmithing & Blacksmithing. Sale items & Classes at my shop @ 215 N. Utah St. La Porte, TX. or see website www.bearclawknives or call 281-471-6060.

    Lee Oates


    Blacksmith tools December 11

    Blacksmith Anvil and Forge for sale:

    1) Pre-1900 350 pound English anvil - was $ 1100 now $900 OBO

    • Most probably Peter Wright (no marking can be seen)
    • Tremendous ring like a nice bell
    • Some dings from one side/other side is perfect
    • No cracks or welds(this was my shop anvil)
    • Custom made stump is included in the price

    anvil 1.jpg anvil 2.jpg

    2) Custom coal forge with custom hood, flue, fire box, and Lancaster # 4 forge leg blower - was $1000 now $700 OBO

    • Extra heavy cast iron with no cracks at all

    blower.jpg forge 1.jpg

    3) Large leg vice - were $400 now $350

    • Excellent condition
    • #5.1/2 inch


    Will trade for firearms. Call to discuss.

    Location: South Austin

    I can be reached at 512-228-7338 or via email: maged@ the-magic-anvil.com

    Maged El Sariakoussy


    Power Hammers November 11

    • 25lb Little Giant, Excellant Condition, ser No. # H4485.... $ 3500.00
    • 50lb Mayer Ram No.# B887, Good Condition with Electric Motor.... $ 2250.00

    Lakey, Texas 78873
    phone # 830-232-5638
    cell # 830-591-6994


    Peter Wright Anvil October 11

    Peter Wright Anvil For Sale Asking $550.

    Stamped 1-1-13 (153 lbs) , size is 24" in length x 4" wide x 9 1/2" in height.

    100_3948_r.jpg 100_3949_r.jpg

    Excellent condition, used with care. I have two, am selling one. It has a beautiful ring, no breaks, welds or cracks. A great anvil for your shop or small smithing. Definitly a good investment. Pictures are of the 1-1-13 anvil. I do have another Peter Wright anvil that is larger and of course more money and would consider selling that one and keeping this one which has the most beautiful ring or tone to it and there is a higher pitch if you hammer the horn and still beautiful to listen to. It is much nicer than my larger one but the larger one is bolted tightly to a stump where the smaller one that's for sale is loose.

    Would prefer pick up but would ship at extra cost. We live in the Pocono Mountains, Pensylvania, about 2 hours west of New York City and 3 hours north of Philladelphia.

    Call Dave at
    or to leave message-


    Anvil Collection ! October 11

    Peddinghaus 275 lbs 28x5x13.25 : $1600
    =============== SOLD ==================

    100_0520_r.JPG 100_0523_r.JPG

    Hay Budden (?) 400 lbs 35.5x6x14.5 : $2000
    =============== SOLD ==================

    100_0525_r.JPG 100_0526_r.JPG

    Hay Budden 195 lbs 27.5x4.25x12.25 : $1000
    =============== SOLD ==================

    100_0531_r.JPG 100_0532_r.JPG

    Soderfors 198 lbs 28.25x4.5x12.5 : $900
    =============== SOLD ==================

    100_0536_r.JPG 100_0537_r.JPG

    Hay Budden Shoers anvil 200 lbs 36.5x33.25x11.75 : $2000
    =============== SOLD ==================

    100_0540_r.JPG 100_0541_r.JPG

    Ross Jameson location Tulia Tx 7490 Hwy 86


    Fisher Bandsaw Anvil and Large Cone Mandrel September 11

    Fisher bandsaw anvil $1500.00

    blacksmith tools 001.jpg blacksmith tools 002.jpg
    blacksmith tools 003.jpg blacksmith tools 004.jpg

    Fisher anvil cast date 1880 stamped 374lb face size 7"x13" Base size 12"5/8 x 15"1/4 and 13" tall The face is in good shape with no dips or worn spots just some rust . Would make a great anvil for bladesmith or somone who needs a large face. The cone mandrel is a large cone 200+lbs dont know the true weight .

    Cone mandrel $850.00==Sold===

    blacksmith tools 005.jpg

    The cone is 55" 1/2 tall with a base of 14"1/2 tapering 1" with the wall of cone at 9/16" to 3/4" .

    I am located about 30 miles east of Lafayette,La just off I-10.

    Please contact : David Roberts
    225 330 9094


    100 Lb Little Giant September 11

    This 100 lbs Little Giant hammer was bought from Richard Hood about five years ago and he had overhauled it the year before. The Babbit's are in good condition and in spec for clearances. He also painted it with Imeron.

    0402091512.jpg 0402091512a.jpg

    I have used this hammer about 40 hours after I bought it. During that time I have gone thru it completely mostly just to check it out and see that it was set with proper clearances. (I am a machine re-builder).

    The spring and any worn parts were replaced with parts from Sid Sedermeyer.

    I am looking to get $3750 for it.

    The hammer is in Phoenix and I travel back and forth between Galveston and Phoenix several times a year.

    Please Contact:
    Kevin Knuth
    602 908 8100


    Two Large Anvils September 11

    Large blacksmith anvils for sale:
    IMG_1346_r.JPG IMG_1347_r.JPG
    IMG_1348_r.JPGs IMG_1349_r.JPG
    • 425 lb Haybuden is 14.5 tall by 38 long and 6.25 wide , with some minor repair due to some torch cuts , nice flat top, no swags. Asking $1800.
    • 585 lb anvil (dont know make). This an english made because the weight is stamped on the side in english stone weight, 16.5 tall by 39.5 long and 6.25 wide, has had a weld down one side of anvil on edge . Nice flat top , no swags. Asking $3200.

    Charlie Young
    Hearne Texas


    Little Giant Trip Hammer August 11

    1901 New Little Giant Trip Hammer for sale:

    • Mayer Bros Serial# 1317
    • 25# trip hammer (Little Giant)
    • 5 dies included
    • Excellent shape
    • Excellent rams
    • Excellent toggle bolts and knuckles
    • Good Babbitt bearings
    • New motor

    =============== SOLD ==================

    trip hammer.jpg - 129134 Bytes

    Please call Maged at 512-228-7338 for more information.
    Location: Austin  


    Hossfeld Model 2 Shop Bender August 11, updated Sept 11

    Hossfeld Model 2 Shop Bender $1,500 (or best offer) with "Custom Made Stand" (Used by Hobbyist)

    The Hossfeld Bender #2 is ideal for school shops, vocational schools, art departments, machine shops, maintenance departments, or anyone who wants a complete "Hossfeld" bender package with tooling for Tube, Pipe, Flat, Bar, Angle Iron, Scrolls, and ornamental work.

    Also great for fabricators, welding, and machine shops, or blacksmith.

    HB No 2.jpg HB No 2 (sec pic).jpg

    HB Tool Set.jpg

    =============== SOLD ==================

    Features :

    • Solid steel UNIVERSAL™ Bender is virtually indestructible
    • Heat-treated for durability, stands up to years of use
    • Custom Made Stand ( Made from 5/8" steal plate and 8" pipe.)
    • Easy-install dies drop in place with pins; no wrenches


    • Round OD Tube up to 2"
    • Square Tube up to 1-1/2"
    • Schedule 40 Pipe up to 2"
    • Rectangular Tube
    • Angle Iron
    • Flat
    • Bars
    • Scrolls (Note: "Hand Operated Scroll Bender" can be used in a vise or with the No. 2 Bender.) Forming 2 ½”, 4", 5", 6 1/2", and 8" diameter scrolls.

    Located in West Houston

    Call Harold at 713-256-0713


    Norton 6db Fly Press June 11

    Norton 6db Fly Press was $2400, and Now $1400 (Dec 16).

    I have a Norton 6db Fly Press for sale. It comes complete with two counter balance balls, no table or tooling.

    This press is rated at 6 tons and is in great condition. No slop in the ram, threads are in great shape with no cracks in the press. This is a big press weighting 750 lbs. From the center of the ram to the back of the press measures 12”. From the base to top 42”. The base measures 27.5” front to back and 20” side to side. The ram takes a 1” shaft for tooling.

    Fly_press_02.JPG Fly_Press_03.JPG
    Fly_Press_04.JPG Fly_Press_05.JPG
    Press is located about 26 miles north of Ft. Worth Texas off hwy 287. If you have any questions I can be reached at rondff@yahoo.com.

    Thank you for adding this posting. Hope someone in Houston can use this.

    Ron Bedgood [rondff@yahoo.com]


    Big Blue 110 Max Blacksmithing Air Hammer May 11

    Selling Big Blue 110 MaX Air Hammer for $4000.00, Almost new with only 10 Working Hours on It. Comes with Extra Dies. Paid Over $7000.00- what a Deal at $4000.00 !

    =============== SOLD ==================

    Big Blue Hammer.jpg
    Located in Tucson Arizona near Picture Rocks. Buyer will need to arrange moving or shipping. Must Sell Due To Health Problems.

    If Interested Please Call 520 744 9159 ask for Lori Ramsey.

    Thank You


    Shop Tools and Anvil for Sale May 11

    A.J. Garrett is cleaning up his shop and needs to find a new home for many of his tools real soon.
    • ACME Anvil 150 lbs $300
    • 30 Lb Custom Made Treadle Hammer on wheels (no tools) $250
    • Wooden Post Vice $75
    • Steel Post Vice with stand $125
    • Champion #400 Blower w/stand but no legs $150

    Call A.J. Garrett
    cell 832-472-7963


    Kohlswa Double Bick Anvil for Sale May 11

    K275-1_r.jpg K275-2_r.jpg
    K275-3_r.jpg K275-4_r.jpg

    =============== SOLD ==================

    This is a Kohlswa double bick that weighs 275 lbs. Height is 12", Faceplate width is 4 1/8" and the width at the faceplate extension is 7 1/2", over all length is 34", hardie hole is 1 1/8", and the pritchell hole is 3/4". The hammer dings in the faceplate are less than 1/16" I think. I think it's in excellent condition and I would like $2200 for it. Buyer picks up or arranges for pick up.

    I live in Hunt, Tx which is about 15 miles west of Kerrville. I'm about 265 miles from Houston

    Gary Hilton
    Email or call 830-238-3406 or Cell: 830-459-4015


    Anvil, Hammer, Shear for Sale Feb 11

    • PETER WRIGHT 128 lb. ANVIL. Marked "Peter Wright Pat England Solid Wrought 1 - 0 - 16. Measures 24.5"x 4" x 9.5 high. Good shape, has normal wear- used but not abused. $600.00
    • "MODERN POWER HAMMER" Pat. Feb 9 1904 Koch Mfg. Co. Grinnell IA .. Needs motor and babbitt bearings. Lower anvil measures 5.5" w . $1000.00

    =============== SOLD ==================

    These items are in the Cameron Tx area and would have to be picked up.
    anvil top_r.jpg anvil side_r.jpg
    full  P Hammer_r.jpg modern P H Lable_r.jpg
    little giant_r.jpg shear_r.jpg


    Mouse Hole Anvil for Sale Feb 11

    M & A Armitage Mouse Hole Anvil for sale. Its in good condition 97lbs.

    anvil photo 1.jpg IMG_1744b.jpg
    ============================ SOLD =============================

    Location is Austin TX

    Thor Mitskog
    Skype: tmsemicom
    Zii-meet: thor@semicomsales.com


    Anvil, Forge, Bower, Vice for Sale Dec 10

    These are all tools I purchased in Vermont from lock smiths. I can not transport and am only interested in selling to individuals who can come to me and pick up these items. I am located in Central Vermont in Rutland County.

    • American Anvil ( Brooklyn NY ?) approximately 150-175 lbs in excellent condition. asking price $500
    • Portable coal forge with a fabricated hood and tool rack. asking price $350
    • Hand crank Royal blower Canedy Otto MFG. Chicago Heights USA in excellent condition. $250
    • Post Vise in decent working condition. $100
    • Assortment of forging tools $100

    =============== SOLD ==================

    Thanks for your support,
    Barry Marshall
    for sale 021.jpg
    for sale 020.jpg
    for sale 027.jpg
    for sale 022.jpg for sale 024.jpg
    for sale 025.jpg for sale 026.jpg


    Anvils for Sale Oct/Nov 10

    Kohlswa 200.jpg
    1) Anvil is 200 lb Kohlswa London pattern. Hardie hole is 1 1/4", Pritchel hole is 3/4", faceplate is 4 5/8" x 17 3/4", overall length is 29 3/4", and the height is 12". This anvil is in excellent condition. $1000.00 I will provide more photos if needed.

    =============== SOLD ==================

    2) 200 lb Fisher-Norris Anvil

    Overall length is about 28.5", height is 12", Hardie hole is 1 1/4", pritchel hole is 5/8" and the faceplate is about 4 5/8" by 17 3/4". It's in very good condition.

    Price $800 plus shipping for it. Pick up is better for this size anvil.

    =============== SOLD ==================

    fn anvils 001_r.JPG - 233999 Bytes
    fn anvils 009_r.JPG - 365556 Bytes fn anvils 010_r.JPG - 259256 Bytes
    fn anvils 011_r.JPG - 276004 Bytes fn anvilsagain 001_r.JPG - 244390 Bytes

    3) Fisher-Norris Sawyer's anvil. It weights 89 lbs and was made in 1898. The face is 10" by 6" and it is 5.5" high. $300 for the Sawyer's anvil.

    =============== SOLD ==================

    Sawyer anvil 006_r.JPG - 335069 Bytes fn anvils 003_r.JPG - 281105 Bytes

    4) Hay-Budden 200 lb anvil. Over all length is 30", height is 11 1/2", faceplate is 4 3/8" by 19 1/8", hardie hole is 1 1/4", and the pritchel hole is 3/4". As you can see from the photos the edges have been welded and it appears a hard surfacing rod was used. Was $500 but offer is Withdrawn for now.
    hay-bud 003_r.JPG
    hay-bud 004_r.JPG hay-bud 005_r.JPG
    hay-bud 006_r.JPG hay-bud 007_r.JPG

    5) This blower is in excellent condition and was made in Buffalo, N. Y. by the Lancaster Forge Co. $300

    blower 001_r.JPG blower 002_r.JPG

    6) The double bick anvil may have been made in France (I bought it in Tunisia) weight is 66 kgs, face is 5.5 by 10.75 (all dimensions inchs), length is 28.5, height is 7.5 and it appears to have been made in 1897. Price is $1500.

    =============== SOLD ==================

    DB 1.jpg
    DB 3.jpg DB 2.jpg

    7) The 209 lb Swedish anvil was made by Sisco Superior. Face is 16.5 inch by 4.75 inch, length is 27.5 inch Hardie hole is 1 inch , pritchel is .75 and the height is 12i nch. It appears to be one solid steel casting. Buyer pays shipping but pickup might be better. Price $600.

    =============== SOLD ==================

    Gary Hilton (61).jpg
    SS 2.jpg SS 3.jpg
    Gary Hilton (60).jpg SS 1.jpg

    8) This is an angle peen hammer made by Tom Clark that weighs 3.2 lbs. $150.

    =============== SOLD ==================

    Gary Hilton (17) Tom Clark .jpg

    9) Post Vises a) 4 1/2" post vice $125 (photo), b) 5" ($200 to $250), c) 5 1/2" ($250 to $300) d) 6" ($400)

    Gary Hilton (40).JPG

    These vices they are in good shape and come with a money back guarantee if the buyer isn't satisfied, however I'd rather make a deal in person with someone on these and they would have a chance to check them out for shape. I'll take some photos of the threads and jaws and put them on your site if you might be interested.

    10) Three 3 kg Peddinghaus striker hammers $50/ea.

    Gary Hilton (53).jpg

    =============== All are SOLD ==================

    11) A Mousehole (Armitage) forge anvil that illustrates how anvils were made before solid tool steel castings in that they cast milder steel for the body and forge welded a tool steel faceplace onto the body and if the forge weld wasn't good all the way between the different metals then the face would break in parts, much like bending a piece of metal until it breaks. $400.

    =============== SOLD ==================

    You may have seen this illustrated in Richard Postman's book on Anvils in America. If the 1-3-5 on the side is hundredweight then this anvil weighed 201 lbs at birth but the measurements on it are a little smaller than the other 200 lb anvils listed. I'll probably have to weigh it if anyone wants it and is concerned about the weight. I bought it just to show how anvils were made before solid tool steel castings.

    Gary Hilton (65).jpg Gary Hilton (66).JPG
    Gary Hilton (67).jpg Gary Hilton (68).jpg

    12) Post drill. There's at least one part broken, the ratchet that moves the bit up and down. It weights 35 to 40 lbs. $75. If you might be interested I'll take photos.

    Stay tuned! More to be announced soon.

    Gary Hilton
    Cell: 830-459-4015
    I come through Houston occasionally but live in Hunt, Tx which is about 15 miles west of Kerrville. I'm about 265 miles from Houston but we might be able to work something out in between.


    Treadle Hammer Oct 10

    VF Treadle Hammer.jpg - 12007 Bytes

    This treadle hammer was built by Valley Forge in Willitts Ca. It was made and designed by an Engineer and Blacksmith. It has had very little use and was built in '95. I am asking $995 or best offer. I will deliver it for this price within a reasonable distance, ie, Austin or Houston area.

    Contact me @



    Forge and Coal Sept 10

    ======================== SOLD ========================



    Anvil, Forge and Tools Aug 10

    I am moving and will not be able to do blacksmithing in my new location. This is a great starter forge and equipment for the beginner. Click Salado For Sale for a pdf download. See photos below.


    The anvil measures 25” inches from the tip of the horn to the back. It is 10 ½” high and 3 5/8” wide. The base is 9” x 10”. The horn is 10 ½” long. The Hardy hole measures 1” square. The anvil is mounted on an oak stump. $450

    2) Coal Forge including a Champion geared hand-cranked blower and tuyere.

    The forge stands 31” tall and is 45 ½” long and 31 ½” wide. It is cast iron on pipe legs. The blower works well and the forge has been dependable. More photos on request. $375.

    3) Forge Hood/ Chimney Custom made Copper Sheating on sides with steel frame. Mounts on Wall. Dimensions: 14” tall, 38” wide and 44” deep. $75

    4) Blacksmith Tongs. Longest is 24” . Sold as a lot of twelve. $150

    The anvil and equipment is located for pickup only in Salado, TX.

    =============== All are SOLD ==================

    DM Anvil.jpg DM forge and blower.jpg
    DM forge hood.jpg DM tongs.jpg


    Various Tools Aug 10

    • 1) Very LARGE industrial antique Post Drill with large adjustable chuck. $150 SOLD
    • 2) Antique belt driven Corn/Silage Grinder (Associated Manufacturers Co./Waterloo, Iowa). $200 SOLD
    • 3) Line Shaft for blacksmith shop with 5 pulleys and 3 supports. was $250 now $195
    • 4) Extra LARGE 7" Post Vice $250 (photo-right) SOLD
    • 5) 4.5" Post Vice $65 (photo-left) SOLD
    • 6) 4.5" Metal Cutting Band Saw "Harbor Freight" $65 SOLD
    • 7) Antique "Draw Cut Marvel #2" reciprocating metal cutting saw with stand, rollers and motor. Motor needs mounting. $200 SOLD

    James Porter
    Warrenton, Texas

    1-Post Drill_r.JPG 2-Corn Grinder_r.JPG
    3-Line Shaft_r.JPG 4-Post Vice_r.jpg
    6-Band Saw_r.JPG 7-DrawCut Marvel_r.JPG


    Wagon Coal Forge Aug 10

    I have this very cool antique forge, with a pretty nice functional Royal (Canedy OTTO Mfg Co Chicago Heights, Ill USA) hand blower. The fire bed is poured in a metal surround (rusted through on one side) from some sort of conglomerate like concrete and it’s all mounted on basically a small steel wheel wagon, there are some wooden pieces rotted away on the front axle where a big T handle mounted to turn and push/pull the rig, but could be rebuilt to make it more functional again. The duct work from the blower to the bottom of the forge is missing.

    Super cool piece of Americana history! Asking $300

    =============== Forge is SOLD ==================

    1st birthday 047.jpg 1st birthday 049.jpg
    1st birthday 050.jpg 1st birthday 053.jpg


    Portable Coal Forge July 10

    I don't know exactly how to describe it, other than it has a Champion Blower. The pictures tell most of the story. It might have been a military forge, but I have no ID to confirm this. The case measures 19x22x7 inches approximately. Perhaps someone from HABA would be able to tell.

    100_0531r.JPG 100_0532r.JPG
    100_0547r.JPG 100_0548r.JPG
    100_0549r.JPG 100_0550r.JPG

    =============== SOLD ==================


    Prize Winning Coal Forge June 10


    100_AAABr.JPG 100_AAACr.JPG
    100_AAADr.JPG 100_AAAEr.JPG
    100_AAAFr.JPG< 100_AAAAr.JPG

    I have a coal forge with electric fan and anvil for sale. I bought this set from a young man who made it in 2009 for competition. He showed at the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo where he won a Blue Ribbon. I used the forge once and performance was excellent. I am asking $1,000 for this set or OBO. I will sell them separately.

    The anvil is 16 1/2 inches long and 7 inches high and weighs 70 lbs. As indicated in the picture it is mounted onto a log and is 33 inches from the ground.

    The forge dimensions are 36" in height; 28 x 28, fire pit is 6" surrounded by refractory concrete. It has a tool area, 11" x 28", on the side as indicated in the pictures.

    I moved to a subdivision and have been reported to the home owners association. We will not be moving for at least another 5 to 8 years and I hate to see this great piece of equipment just get stored in a storage building.

    Contact me,
    Joe White


    25# Moloch Power Hammer June 10

    POWER HAMMER 009r.jpg POWER HAMMER 010r.jpg
    POWER HAMMER 011r.jpg POWER HAMMER 012r.jpg

    A friend has a 25 # Moloch power hammer and no time to use. Here are pictures. He is asking $1000. The hammer appears to be in good shape but needs to be freed up and motorized.

    =============== SOLD ==================


    50# Moloch Power Hammer May 10

    50 lb. Moloch Power Hammer in excellent condition.

    Hammer 014.jpg
    Hammer 013.jpg - 58979 Bytes Hammer 015.jpg
    Hammer 017.jpg Hammer 018.jpg
    The Molloch was the final power hammer manufactured by the Myer brothers, makers of the Little Giant. This 50-pounder represents the ultimate of their design refinements. Adjustments are much simpler and accessible. This hammer is in excellent condition and comes with a brand new set of custom dies from Sid S. of the Little Giant Co. valued at over $700. Also includes new clutch material with mounting screws. The crosshead and toggle arms have been re-machined for smooth, accurate operation and use stainless pins. It's conversion is a 3hp. 215v. motor. The frame-mounted safety switch makes this hammer ready to plug in and run.

    It is located in Toledo, Ohio. REDUCED $2500

    =============== SOLD ==================


    Kohlswa Anvil May 10

    Norford anvil.jpg - 22040 Bytes
    Am selling this Swedish made anvil for those buyers looking for a quality anvil at a reasonable price. This anvil has been worked; but still very usable. I’ve hardly used it for the past 21 years. No cracks or repairs. These Type B-41 anvils are hard to find, especially in this good condition. Imported from Sweden to USA by the Swedish-American Steel Corporation before 1960. The Kohlswa brand is one of the best made and most highly sought after anvils around. Kohlswa (has been in business for over 400 years.) And this one is a perfect size; it is big enough to handle all of the shop work. And at 98 pounds it can easily be brought to the jobsite, this anvil gives you the best of both worlds. Made from cast steel, the face is flat and has only several small chips along edges; the horn is nice. Good size for a farrier, since one man can lift it at 98+ Lbs. Still has a good ping and rebound. I prefer local pickup, but if buyer wishes it shipped I will crate and delivery to your carrier anywhere inside loop 410 San Antonio, TX. For an additional $50.00. However the buyer will be responsible for arranging shipping!! I only drop off at the carrier.

    The measurements of this 98 Lb Kohlswa anvil are: overall length 22 1/8", face 3 1/2" X 13 1/2", horn 6 3/4", height 10", hardie hole 7/8”, pritchel hole 1/2", base 8 1/2" X 9", weight 89 lb. Shipping weight approximately 130lbs? First offer over $275.00 takes it. I know that is cheap for this Anvil, but I’m in need of the space and the blasted doctors tell me it’s time to quit. I have some Metal working books, and tongs that I will throw in if you pick it up.

    =============== SOLD ==================


    Great Old Tools May 10

    Auctionmachines 042610 duplicate 006_r.jpg buffalo shear punch_r.jpg
    bandsawleft_r.jpg flypress2_r.jpg
    flypress1_r.jpg stretcher1_r.jpg
    ======================== ALL SOLD ========================

    • Monster manual shear, unmarked, but much larger than an Edwards #5. $450.00.
    • Buffalo Forge combination shear and punch. =SOLD=
    • Band saw, late 1800’s, needs cast iron repair. $125.00
    • Old flypress on original stand, =SOLD=
    • Old larger flypress on original stand. =SOLD=
    • Wagon rim squeezer/stretcher-Gigantic- Has manual hydraulic pump. $750.00
    Trades considered on unusual antique machines.

    Tommy Traylor [stay@antstreetinn.com]
    Bellville, TX


    Forge Chimney May 10

    This is one of the ABANA designed chimneys and it works real well. It is made of 14-ga steel and I added a blower on the side to increase the draft up the chimney before it gets hot enough to work on its own. It is not rusted or burned out.

    =============== SOLD ==================

    dimensions are roughly: 24" Wide X14"Deep X 48" high.

    location: Houston Heights (NW of downtown)

    Contact : Fon Stonum
    updated correct phone: (504) 390-0967


    Blacksmith and Farrier Tools Feb 10

    I have several blacksmith and Farrier tools for sale. Medical problems are forcing me to retire.

    Bucky Trailer_b.jpg
    • 6 x 10 totally enclosed shoeing trailer ....2,500.00
    • Coal Forge (loaded)....sold
    • 8 Coal Forge Tongs.....sold 1/4" to 1/2" made by Jay Sharpe 1980
    • New Black Master Forge and Stand......sold
    • Anvil (250 LB) and Anvil stand......sold

    Located in Goodrich, Texas
    Call BUCKY 936-365-2603 or 832-527-7472


    Quench Oil Jan 10

    Jeff and Alan Lee of Sleepy Hollow Forgeworks in Bryan have high quality Chevron Quench Oil 70 for sale in 1 or 5 gallon quantity at $20/gal. Give thm a call at 979-776-2864 or see them at a HABA meeting.

    Jeff Lee
    979-820-2802 cell


    Forge Equiptment Dec 09

    Hand Cranked Drill Press

    Wall mount, hand cranked, hand cranked drill drop, foundry mark Buffalo Forge Co., # 611, Buffalo N.Y. 21assorted Drills sized from 7/8” to 15/16” with ½” drill chuck mounts for smaller drills. Asking price is $350 FOB Bryan TX, cash or MO.

    Package Sale: Blacksmithing equipment and tools: ============SOLD============

    Anvil, forge table, hand-cranked blower, ash dump, forming hammers, tongs, hardy hole cut off tool, round hole. To be sold as a set. . Asking price is $2500 FOB Bryan, TX, cash or MO.
    • Anvil, 125 lbs, L 25”, H 11”, face 16” x 4”, 1” hardy hole with 2 cutoff tools, ½” bender hole. No chips. No foundry markings.
    • Forge, cast iron w/metal legs H 33”, W24”, L 35”, inside Depth 3” without firebricks, with ash drop, hand dump handle. No foundry markings.
    • Blower, hand cranked with oil filled gear box on factory metal stand. Marked TIEOR 990 886.
    • Forming hammers in 8 assorted styles and Tongs 8 in different styles, Fire pokers, 1 in very good condition 2 in fair condition.
    • Coal, 10 plus gallons.
    Click Forge Photos to download a pdf file with photos.

    Contact Robert Buffington
    Cell 979-229-2964,
    Home 979-822-1683
    or email opaoma@suddenlink.net


    Whisper Baby Gas Forge Nov 09

    NC Tool Whisper Baby Gas forge includes the gas line and regulator. It was just relined with ITC refractories including coating with ITC 100 for improved heat transfer. Forge is fully functional and was in service until it was replaced with a larger forge a few months ago. See Review of reline on Anvilfire. Asking $275.

    =============== SOLD ==================

    Bob Nichols

    IMG_0641.JPG IMG_0643.JPG


    1875 Wagon Oct 09

    Charlie Heathcock is selling his 1875 horse drawn wagon for $2600. Download this pdf file for photos of the wagon. Call him at 936-597-4847 for more details.


    Coal Forge Oct 09

    Coal Forge made with a fire box from the foundry in Laurel, MS the forge is shop made with an electric fan that came from an old carbon arc movie projector and it has an air gate to regulate flow. This is a rugged forge and quite professional.

    coal forgeb1.JPG coal forgeb2.JPG
    I also have a fiberglass box with 50-100-lbs of coal for sale too. The coal bin is made from a fiberglass box used on oil platforms to hold lifejackets and is near half full of coal, I'd say near 100 pounds.

    =============== SOLD ==================


    150# Hay Budden Anvil Sept 09

    Hay-Budden # 71338, 153lbs, 26 1/2" long w/ 16" face, 11" tall.


    Has a couple chips on the corners, but has good rebound. This anvil was cast in 1901. I have owned this anvil for over 40 years. Price is $600.

    The anvil is in Rockport Texas and can include some old shoeing tools (some I made) and wooden shoing box that was made by shoer in So.Dokota back in the 60s which I'll throw in with the anvil.

    =============== SOLD ==================


    50# Little Giant Sept 09

    The power hammer is in excellent condition and ready for work.

    The serial numer is K-6974 and the Little Giant website shows me that its a new style. When I bought the hammer 3 years ago, I was told it was sold new to a company in the Dallas area in 1948. It was there until purchased by the person I bought it from, and this man had a collection of Little Giants in restored condition.

    =============== SOLD ==================


    Pexto Stake Plate with 10 Stakes July 09

    I would like to list the following in the classified section of the HABA.org website:

    Pexto Stake Plate with 10 Stakes (click to enlarge)

    IMAG0108b.jpg IMAG0109b.jpg IMAG0110b.jpg
    It's the big plate, 37.5x8", with eight of the most common stakes. I have been unable to find any information on the other two stakes. One is a small round flat stake with a large bolt on the bottom and marked 910-2. The other is a 55lb anvil that I have never seen before on any stake plate. It has no markings at all so it may not be a Pexto product but it fits the plate perfectly.

    The bead rollers on the bottom shelf are not included but are also for sale.

    I'm asking $1400 for the stake plate with all of the stakes.

    Thank you very much.

    Victor Simonis
    Grey Forest MetalCraft
    9716 Menchaca
    Helotes, TX 78023


    146 lb. HAY-BUDDEN Anvil March 09

    haybudden_.jpg haybudden2_.jpg

    146 LB. HAY-BUDDEN has light surface rust and has chipped edges but still a good solid anvil.

    =============== SOLD ==================


    Big Trailer Mount Anvil Feb 09

    AJ Big Anvil AJ Big Anvil

    I have made a really big, trailer mounted anvil that is perfect for signage or publicity for your location. It is for sell at $600. Animated figures included!

    Call me for details, leave a message and I will return your call.

    Contact: A.J. Garrett
    Phone : 281-456-0253


    Old Anvil December 08

    MVC-043S.JPG MVC-044S.JPG

    I don't know the make of this one, specs are 28" long,face=5 1/4 x 16 7/8" with a 1 3/8 inch hardy hole. It weighs 185 pounds , located close to Tyler,Texas I want $550. for it. Would do a "lay away" for another blacksmith. It shows normal wear.

    Contact: Ray Davis


    Hossfeld Bender December 08

    I have a Hossfeld bender for sale, I bought it new about 10 years ago and it is still like new condition, it is a model 2, ( not hydraulic). It has all the factory parts that came with it and a lot of dies I had made for bending rings and circles, also a die for bending 3/4 inch square tubing, I want $800 for it, and it is located in the Tyler area (Texas). I will put it on "layaway" for another blacksmith.

    ============== SOLD ================


    Blacksmith Shop Tools October 08

    These are my grandpa tools he is wanting to sell. He is a blacksmith in Mansfield TX. He is a member of the North Texas Blacksmiths, but they don;t post anything like this. If you could post them that would be great and I would really appericate it. Thank you so much for your time, Beth.

    • 1- Large Johnson - Gas Forge (L.P or Natural Gas) $ 1,850.00
    • 2- Shop Coal Forge’s 30x36” with adj. fire box. $ 1,500.00 Each
      Tong holder / Steady rest / Water trough
      1 has a Champion Forge blower hand operated
      1 has a Elect. Reostat Blower
    • 1- Simplex hand shear (6 inch blade) $850.00
    • 1- Oster Power Twister/ cutter / threader $2,250.00
    • Twist 5/8 inch Sq. Solid cold
    • Make Rings ¼ inch Rnd. To 5/8 inch Rnd. Cold
    • Gigs sizes 2 ¾ - 5- 9- 10-12-16-20 inches w/ Lots of extras
    • 1-Champion Buffer/ Grinder on Pedestal $850.00
    • 10 inch wire wheel and 2” x 10” Stone
    • 1-Champion No. 201 Post Drill Press $2,750.00 w/ 2 speed/Auto feed/Adj. table. Has No. 34 Jacobs quick Adj. chuck 0’-½” (Lots of extras)
    • 1- Pair of rare Blacksmith Hardy Hole metal snips $300.00 (42” long)
    • 1- 40lb Perfect Power Hammer $5,575.00. Excellent condition
    • 1- Shop Line Shaft $4,250.00
    • 3 Factory hanger brackets 16”long - 1 7/8” Shaft
    • 3 HP MTR.
    • Extra box of flat belts
    • Belt Splices
    • 5 wooden belt pulleys
    • 1 cast iron pulley
    • Electric wire/ switches
    • Lots of extras, all in good working condition.




    225 LB COLUMBIAN All-Steel Anvil w/ Stand June 08

    Columbian anvil for sale - 225-250 Lb
    ============== SOLD ================

    Description: This anvil is one-piece cast steel. On side with horn facing right is an upside down pyramid with a C within it. On the opposite side is a J. It has been identified as being from the Columbian Hardware Company of Cleveland, OH and has been dated to the late 1800s to the early 1900s. This is a high-quality anvil brand. The anvil weighs approx 225-250#. It measures: Heal to End 27 3/4"....heal to drop-17 7/8"......height 12 1/4"...Hardie Hole 1 1/4" square. The anvil is in excellent condition and I am asking $800.



    N. C. Tool 112 lb Anvil and Coal May 08

    Cavalry by N. C. Tool 112 lb anvil Cavalry by N. C. Tool 112 lb anvil
    This is a Cavalry by N. C. Tool 112 lb anvil in good shape about 2 years old with :
    • Height = 11.0"
    • Lenght = 22 1/2 "
    • Square Hardy = 1"
    • Round Hardy = 1 3/8"
    • Two clip horns for lefty or right hander.
    • Pritchel = 3/8"
    • Face = 12 1/2" X 4 1/2", sharp edges, and a narrower heel width of 3 1/2" with rounded edges.
    • Horn = 9 5/8"
    • Base = 10 1/2 " X 9.0"
    • Crease on face = 1/4" wide

    =============== SOLD ==================

    I also have sixteen, 50 lb. bags of a very good quality blacksmithing coke. Will sell to be picked up only, will not ship, for $35.00 per bag.

    I can be reached at 979 245 2278 -home # and 979 244 6342 work/cell # or by this e-mail address. The anvil is located at my shop about 80 miles southwest of houston on highway 35 in Bay City,Tx I can send more pictures upon request or will answer more questions.

    Glenn R. Jarrell
    Quality Horseshoe


    HABA Built Treadle Hammer Nov 07

    Excellent example of the Spenser In-Line Treadle Hammers built in HABA workshop several years ago.

    With special tools.

    ============== SOLD ================

    Please contact

    Kent Fowler
    281-334-6845 and cell is 409-771-9843


    Little Giant 50# Hammer Oct 07

    For Sale: 50 lb Little Giant Hammer. Built in 1952. Less than 8 hours running time. $4000.00

    For Sale: #5 Edwards Shear - $400.00

    Howard Love
    Cypress, TX


    50# Little Giant April 07

    Old Style 50# Little Giant (SN 4203) with very good ram, new toggle bolts and knuckles. Needs new babbitt bearings and minor rebuild. Does not have a motor.


    David Bailey
    Hunstville, Texas


    Buffalo Forge March 07

    blacksmith forge.jpg backsmith forge 2.jpg
    Buffalo 847-H Electric Forge with water tank (circa 1918 according to company) for sale along with about 7 tongs. Located in north central Arkansas, in town called called Ash Flat.

    I will consider any reasonable offers. Shipping not included.

    ================ SOLD ======================


    Layout Tables March 07

    Layout Table / With Wheels
    Top: 4’ X 8’ X 1” (1/16” deflection)
    Base: 3” X 3” X 1/4” tube
    Wheels: 6” steel caster wheels
    Weight: 1,500#
    Price: $650

    Layout Table / No Wheels
    Top: 4’ X 8’-9” X 1-1/4” (1/4” deflection)
    Base: W6X15 & W6X12 I Beam
    Wheels: none
    Weight: 3,500#
    Price: $600


    Joe Pehoski
    Pehoski: Metal Smiths, Inc.
    P.O. Box 84
    10515 Stinnette Mill Road
    Salado, Texas 76571
    Tel: 254/947-5740
    Fax: 254/947-5389
    Email: JoePehoski@yahoo.com


    Champion Blower / Forge (Dated 1902) Nov 06

    I have an antique coal fired Champion Blower / Forge (Dated 1902) located in Stephenville, Texas. It is in excellent working condition.

    === SOLD ===


    U 100-1 BARBOUR STOCKWELL Power Hammer Nov 06


    PRICE $3000 O.B.O.

    5001 Spencer Hwy.
    Pasadena Tx 7705

    100_0231c.JPG 100_0230c.JPG


    300# Anvil July 06

    GOOD CONDITION! 300# Anvil, 33" from nose to end, 13" high, and 5" wide. Corners are all in good shape. Located in southwestern PA. Will take best offer!

    300 # anvil
    300 # anvil 300 # anvil

    --- SOLD ---


    Auction of Blacksmith Tool Collection May 06

    I have a huge collection I am selling by auction. Go to www.auctionzip.com put in my zip 48390 and the date May 20th. I'm sure all your crafters would like to know about this. For 35 years I have Collected and now I am into antique Cars/trucks/motor scooters, just ran out of room.

    Thanks in advance,
    Terry Hawke


    Cone Mandrill and Peter Wright Anvil April 06

    PETER WRIGHT anvil weighs about 148 lbs according to my scale . (English measurement on the anvil is 1-1-11 ). Printed on the side of the anvil is PETER WRIGHT-PATENTED-ENGLAND. The anvil has good corners and shows little use. It is 26" long 10 1/2"high and 4 1/4" wide.The base is approximately 10 1/2" by 10 1/4". There are a couple of small holes less than 1/4" deep on the face. It shows normal niches. No repairs have been made. I have tried to describe this item as best as I can. I'm selling as with no warranties or guaranties for $400.00

    A #2 CONE MANDREL ANVIL is 4' tall with a base diameter of 12" tapering up to about 1". The cone anvil weighs about 112 lbs. This one is in excellent condition, with a little surface rust. I 'am selling as is with no guarantees or warranties for $800.00

    Shipping is not included in the price. and will be the responsibility of the buyer.

    --- SOLD ---

    Peter Wright Cone


    Peter Wright Anvil Feb 06

    I just cleaned up my grandfathers barn and shop there was a very heavy anvil in it. Peter Wright, Patent made in England, the # 316 and what may look like a 7
    In great shape. Click to enlarge photos.

    PW_370r.jpg PW_370 br.jpg
    Dave Till
    ==== SOLD ====


    Blacksmith Classes and Training Feb 06

    Learn basic blacksmithing and bladesmithing in a working shop. Call or write.

    Cowboy Szymanski

    Phenix Knives
    305 E. Main
    Bellville, Texas


    Handmade Forge June 05

    This is a forge I made from a 36" tank cap. It doesn't come with a blower. The flange fits my hand cranked blower - the pan is filled with firebrick and refractory mix and it is heavy.

    Contact: Ken Hunt

    ==== Sold ====


    Blacksmithing Tools Feb 05

    Widow selling husbands blacksmithing tools and large coal forge with blower and hood.
    Located in Bandera Texas..call 830-796-7228.


    Wilton Square Wheel Belt Grinder Feb 05

    Wilton square wheel belt grinder. Not even two years old, runs perfect. Comes with flat platten, 8 inch contact wheel, small wheel attachment and 1 inch contact wheel and hollow grinding fixture. $800.00



    Buffalo Forge Feb 05

    I have for sale a First World War Buffalo Forge that is in like new condition. It was made in Buffalo NY USA and was #571. I can be contacted at (780)205-1066. or by mail at

    Peter Donovan
    Box 124
    Waseca, Saskatchewan, Canada
    S0M 3A0


    Blacksmith's Ebooks on CD Feb 05

    Vol 1 is $16, includes Nielsen's Patternbook for Blacksmiths (51pgs, 1926), Forgework by Ilgen, updated electronic edition(138pgs, 1912) and The Polishing and Plating of Metals by Hawkins(176pgs,1902).

    Vol 2 is $11 includes The Management of Steel by Ede (41 pgs, 1864), Handbook of Art Smithing (208 pgs, Meyers, 1896), and Spanish Wrought-Iron Screens (28pg article,1900)

    Or, order all on one disk for $24. Free shipping in the US. More info at http://hammerguy.home.mindspring.com/, or send a check/MO to:

    Brian Gilbert
    3404 Hartford Dr.
    Chattanooga, TN 37415


    SOFA-style Firepots Feb 05

    Bob Cruikshank is now making the SOFA Firepots!

    3 sizes available. Call or write for sales brochure. Made in USA!

    Bob “Ironmonger” Cruikshank
    1495 W. Possum Rd.
    Springfield, OH 45506
    (937) 323-1300


    Miniature Tools and Anvils May 04

    Standard and Custom Miniature Tools, Anvils, and Swage Blocks in Brass for sale.

    Please visit my new web page at www.walknerforge.com

    Bob Walkner
    3101 Maplewood Rd
    Two Rivers, WI 54241

    (920) 793-4010



    Fredericksburg Trade Days at Sunday Farms

    Come visit Ken and JoAnne Volker in Fredricksburg any weekend of the 3rd Saturday of each month
    Acres of Antiques and Collectibles including Blacksmith Tools
    Hwy 290E across from Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg, Texas



    Blacksmithing Jewelry by Frances Trahan

    AnviletteNecklace.jpg (24189 bytes)

    AnvilFaceEarrings.jpg (31705 bytes)

    ForgingHammerEarrings.jpg (11163 bytes)

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    For pricing
    information, please contact Frances Trahan at  

    pearl925@hotmail.com or