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HABA Membership Application

HABA Membership is a Family Membership that costs $20 per year with special 3 and 5 year memberships now available.

Pay for 3 years and receive a HABA T-shirt.

Pay for 5 years at $100 and receive a HABA brass anvil.

Membership entitles the members of a family to:

1. Attend all HABA functions at a member’s rate.
2. Receive one Family Membership Card.
3. Be covered by liability insurance at HABA functions.
4. Serve on HABA Committees (see below).

(Note: HABA encourages minors less than 18 years of age to attend any HABA function. All minors must be accompanied by an adult Family Member.)

Please fill out the Membership Application below and send it to:
HABA Membership Chair Ed Malmgren at 832-381-8155 for updated info.



City:_______________________________________ State:_____________ ZIP:_____________

Home Phone No.:________________________ Work Phone No.:________________________

E-Mail Address: _________________________@______________________________________

Membership Type :

______One Year at $20
______Three Year at $60
______FiveYear at $100

Please Check One or More:

______I am a member of the Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America, ABANA.
______I am interested in serving on the HABA Board of Directors.
______I am interested in serving on the HABA Advisory Board.
______I am interested in serving on Other HABA Committees.

Your membership is appreciated and important to HABA. Please visit our web site for more information