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To Preserve and Promote the Art and Craft of Blacksmithing Through Education.

Welcome to HABAIRON.ORG, the website of the Houston Area Blacksmith's Association, the Internet resource of choice for the blacksmith in and around Houston, Texas. We have the technology!

HABA 2017 Events Calendar

Please note that HABA web sites may not be active until one month before the event. Until then, the link may take you to last years page, or to nothing at all.

HABA General Meetings
HABA ABNC Monthly Meetings
Demos & Events
HABA Magnolia Meetings
January 14
Armand Bayou Skills Building
Making a square right angle bend and potpourri of past projects - BBQ Tongs, Dinner Bell, Candle Holder and a variety of hooks
  January 28
Magnolia Open Forging
February 18
Steephollow Forgeworks
Combo Demo See the Steephollow Forge site for more information.
February 11
Armand Bayou Skills Building
Fun with 1/4" stock

February 25
Magnolia Open Forging
March 11
Armand Bayou Skills Building
Making tools for making a hammer. See PMForging blog for more information
2017 LAMA Conference, March 11 & 12 LAMA Website

2017 Gathering of The Guilds, March 4 - Dave Koenig will be demonstrating at The Gathering of the Guilds at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Keep your eye on their website for more information as the date gets closer.
March 25
Magnolia Open Forging
April 8
<Armand Bayou Skills Building Making tools for making a hammer. See PMForging blog for more information
April 1
Balcones Forge Bluebonnet Demo at Sycamore Creek Ranch - Marble Falls, TX. See the meeting flyer.
April 15
Magnolia Depot Day at our Magnolia Forge. Located in front of the Magnolia historic train depot. Go to Magnolia Historical Society for more information.
No Meeting This Month
May 13
Armand Bayou Skills Building
Making a Leaf Hook
May 20
LAMA Meeting and Sale
May 27
Magnolia Making a cold chisel
June 17
Forging wrought iron at the Elissa pier in Galveston
June 10
Armand Bayou Skills Building
  June 24
Magnolia Open Forging
Cold Chisel Part 2
July 8
Armand Bayou Skills Building
Clean out the iron rack
July 14 - 17
Foldforming workshop in Austin - Charles Lewton-Brain
July 22
Magnolia Open Forging
August 12
Armand Bayou Skills Building
  August 26
Magnolia Open Forging
September 9
Armand Bayou Skills Building Cancelled
September 23
Magnolia Open Forging
Postponed till Spring
Forge Fest
October 14
Armand Bayou Skills Building
Hook and Eye Latch
October 15 - 18 Mark Aspery blacksmithinh class
Information and Reservation
October 28
Magnolia Open Forging
November 11
No meeting this month due to ABNC Martyn Farm Festival
November 11
Magnolia Open Forging
December 9
Armand Bayou Skills Building
Making scrolling tongs from rebar.
December 9
Magnolia Open Forging