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The following is a list of links we have compiled from the web, in no particlar order.  If we have left you out, please e-mail us.

Web Link Listings
December 2009

Schindler Metalworks
From Blacksmithing to Stainless Steel and Aluminum, Schindler Metalworks Specializes in Custom Metal Fabrication In the European Tradition of High Quality Craftsmanship.

Magic Hammer Forge
Classic design with a twist. Located in Bogalusa, LA.
Also, check out Dave's Tips from the Magic Hammer Forge. And then check out Metal Smithing How-To

Bear Claw Knives
World famous hand forged, custom designed knives- hunting, fishing, swords, Japanese Tantos, and kitchen cutlery

A comprehensive site about wrought iron, events, and current news from around the world.

Waterfall Forge
Copper waterfalls, copper fountains, copper bird feeders, and copper garden sprinklers.

Boone Wrought Iron
Distinctive blacksmithing by Mike Boone.

Metal Links
A collection of interesting metal artists complied by Heath Satow

Winkoff's buy & sell page or blacksmithing related items

Colonial Williamsburg
Learn about early history and where the blacksmith fits in to it all

Weather vanes and finials

Orlando Forge
Orlando Forge of Belmont, NY is a one-person blacksmithing business, specializing in hand-forged decorative and functional ironwork for the home and garden

White Horse Forge
Dr. Charles R. (Bob) Becker of White Horse Forge is an equine veterinarian in Oxofrd, Michigan. His web site features The Horse Head Collection, Architectural, and Home Furnishings. He has had commissions to do railings, gates and other architectural forgings. "My favorite work is of the horse's head." -Bob Becker, 2002

Brent Bailey Forge
Custom forged iron work for your home, office, life by Brent Bailey. Tools and Hammers are fully polished. Located in Northern California and travels world wide for learning and demonstrating.

Phenix Knives
Cowboy Szymanski has moved his shop to Bellville, Texas and features a vairety of unique hand made knives, tools, and cowboy cooking gear.

Presence Forge
French Artist Blacksmith presents his traditionnal iron work for functional and decorative metal products. Excellent web site sets new standards for excellence.

Great Circle Forge
Your source for quality iron furishings and home decor in Bellvile, Ohio.

Blacksmithing E-Books
Brian Gilbert has been collecting old blacksmithing books for awhile now, and occasionally has found some real gems. The information in these old books is too good to let it turn to dust, so he scans them, converts the text, scans the illustrations, and republishes them as electronic versions. To help pay for my "hobby," he is offering them for sale here.

Blacksmiths Depot
Kayne & Son carries everything for the artist blacksmith from anvils, vises, bickerns, hammers, tongs and forges to fly presses, treadle hammers, band saws, grinders and vibratory finishers.

Pieh Tool Company
Pieh Tool Company is built on a family legacy serving the blacksmithing, metalworking, knifemaking and horseshoeing trades. They stock a variety of blacksmithing supplies including power hammers, anvils, gas forges, horseshoes, horseshoe nails, hoofcare products, sledge hammers, raising hammers, and over a hundred book titles.

Book Review: Anvils in America
Anvils in America by Richard Postman is a "must have", one of a kind definitive resource for anvil fans and/or collectors.

"In the (now two) years since publication, Anvils in America has continued to be the indespensible reference for many of us. It is so full of information that no matter how many times you read it or refer to it you are always surprised to find something new."

Valentine Armoury
Valentine Armouries was started by Robert Valentine over 25 years ago. Over the years his range of armour has grown substantially, but he continues to express his artistic passion and create beautiful works of art. His shop is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but he has often been a regular at the Texas Ren Fest near Magnolia. Valentine's historical replicas cover all time periods of armour and weapons, from early Greek to late 17th century.

Don Fogg Custom Knives
Don Fogg has a lot of useful information about his knives, the art of knifemaking , and The Craft of Bladesmithing. Look for the Tips, Tools, and Techniques Links to access a treasure chest of shared info.

Purpleheart Armoury
Wooden Wasters and Weapons for Western Martial Arts (WMA) and Eastern Martial Arts.
The Leading Waster Manufacturer for WMA for over 7 Years.

Walkner Forge
Robert Walkner is a Blacksmith and Miniature Tool Maker in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. He makes custom brass anvils in several styles for various organizations and businesses such as HABA.

Handforged Jewelry, Wrought Iron Home Decor and Art
Kirsten Skiles is an Artist Blacksmith and Jeweler creating nature themed romantic home decor and jewelry in SW Wisconsin. You can visit her home page at Handforged or shop at her on-line store Knitsteel Shop.

Illinois Valley Blacksmith Association
A not-for-profit organization chartered with the State of Illinois and is dedicated to promoting and expanding the horizons of architectural, artistic and practical blacksmithing, while preserving the past heritage of this craft.

National Ornamental Metal Museum
The only Museum in North America dedicated to the preservation and promotion of fine metalwork.

Balcones Forge
An Organization of Central Texas Blacksmiths

Louisiana Metalsmith's Association LAMA also has an on-line newsletter.

The Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America

North Texas Blacksmith's Association

Alabama Forge Council home page

Forge and Anvil
FORGE & ANVIL is the first television series dedicated to blacksmithing and metal work, produced by the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education in Athens, Georgia

The ArtMetal Resource to Metalworking
To serve those interested in the various aspects of working artistically with metals, the ArtMetal Project brings to the Net this collection of metalworking resources.

British Artists Blacksmiths Association

A new class of resource for lacksmiths and related metal workers. Anvilfire is your on-line metalworking information source

Blacksmith's Journal
The Blacksmith's Journal, published monthly, includes information about blacksmithing techniques, tools, and forged ironwork

Metal Web News
Your Graphical On-Line Guide to Metalworking

IronFest was the first Blacksmithing Regional Conference in the area of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. The first conference was held in Grapevine, Texas, June 1 - 3, 2001. Grapevine is located between Dallas and Fort Worth, about 2 miles from DFW Regional Airport. See maps on registration brochure.

Artesian Ideas Book Store
Outstanding Blacksmithing Books, Videos & DVDs for professionals, apprentices, and serious hobbyists. Each month more useful books are added from European, Canadian, and American publishers. Many titles are from smaller publishers and are otherwise hard-to-find.

Little Giant Power Hammer
In 1991 Harlan "Sid" Suedmeier was offered the opportunity to purchase what remained of Little Giant: blueprints, foundry patterns, and invaluable handwritten sales records. From this, they have established a parts line, repair services and a clearinghouse for information on these machines.

Knife Making Tutorials
This web site is like a little web school with great fact stuff that's been done with links to tutorials, and Makers pages.

Old World Anvils
Quality new anvils, fly presses, and tools.

JHM Anvils
First made under the Across the Anvil name beginning in 1983, JHM anvils have been cast from the highest quality metals in the same Peaster, Texas foundry ever since, and are carefully machined by hand at Anvil Brand Shoe Company in Lexington, Illinois.

Precision Architectural Metal Fabrication
Precision Architectural Metals provides precision architectural sheet metal fabrication services, custom metal fabrication, historic restoration, cnc plasma cutting, welding, soldering, sheering etc. in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Forge Magic
This is a very good forum for BS's, and others to have a good talk. Most topics are open, as there is not a structured format. A nice relaxing place too bs about BS'n. Lots and Lots of photos from many contributors.

The Hammer Source
The Hammer Source is your source for specialty hammers. We can make custom hammers. Call or Email The Hammer Man if you can't find what you need. Call Toll Free 877-496-2537

Turley Forge Blacksmithing School
Frank Turley is the founder and operator of Turley Forge Blacksmithing School and a frequent demonstrator at craft schools, regional workshops, and universities. He welcomes the opportunity to present workshops of two days or longer, and will travel to any site that has a forge setup.

This Granddaddy of Blacksmithing Schools was established in 1970 making it the oldest of the modern blacksmithing schools.

Evensen Ironworks, Inc
Designer Garden Gates for the economy minded internet shopper. Custom Ornamental Iron, hot forged in Austin, TX for the Austin area market.

Catherine Elaine Porter
Glass and Metal Art from the Texas Countryside....

Cathy has been fusing glass for over 7 years and silver-smithing for over 2 years. Her designs include everything from functional and decorative glass art sculpture to her custom designed jewelry, including her "Chameleon" jewelry line.

Chile Forge
At Chile Forge we have one goal: to make the best atmospheric gas forges available, anywhere, so you can forge ahead with your new ideas. Located in Tucson, AZ , Phone (520) 360-2141.

Admiral Steel
Great resource for special steel stock.
Phone: (708) 388-9600 and (800) 323-7055
Fax: (708) 388-9317

Straight Razor Sharp
Custom shaving straight razors and sharpening tools.
Contact: Ray Habyan