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Anvil and Gas Forge March 2015

Contact Info: Lee Shull 281.638.0832 more pictures on request.
Fisher-Norris Eagle Anvil
1941 220 LB.
Great rebound needs new home
$800.00 with steel base $900.00 OBO

Gas forge w/Castable refractory lining rated at 3200F
With venturi burners and 90 LB propane tank


Anvil and Tools Jan 15

Many tools and anvils (100 pounds to 440) for sale.

Contact Charlie Young in Gause TX at 979-220-9028.

See Photos.


Anvil and Tools Dec 2014

Trenton Anvil - 120 Lbs

Price : $480

================ SOLD ==================

Anvil-Vice-Boring Tool Combo - $200

================ SOLD ==================

Post Vice - $175

================ SOLD ==================

Forge - $200

================ SOLD ==================

Tools - Call to discuss

================ SOLD ==================

Contact: Andy


Power Hammers Dec 14

25 pound Moloch (Little Giant) trip hammer. 110 volt motor. $2600.00

Jenkins & Lingle guided ram helve hammer. I guess the ram weight around 100 lbs. Patent dates in the 1880s. Appears to be in good condition. No motor. $3200.00
========== SOLD ==========

Tommy Traylor

Bellville, TX 77418


JHM Anvils Sept 14

JHM Competitor Anvil - NEW never used
  • 260 pounds
  • Table 20" X 5"
  • Base 12" X 11"
  • Horn 11"
  • 13.5" tall
  • 1.25" Hardie
  • .75" Pritchel
  • 48-52 Rockwell C
  • Price is firm at $1000. Normal retail over $1300 plus freight.
  • ================ SOLD ==================

JHM Shaper Anvil - NEW never used
  • 160 pounds
  • Table 17.25: X 4.5"
  • Base 9" X 11.75"
  • Horn 12.75"
  • 11.5" tall
  • 1" Hardie
  • .5 Pritchel
  • 48-52 Rockwell C
  • Price is firm at $ 700.
  • ================ SOLD ==================

Can be picked up in Peaster, TX north of Weatherford.
Contact John Marino cell/text 817-901-5900


Swages and Stakes and Gas Forge Sept 14

Gary Hilton has more great tools for sale. Photos will be posted shortly. Until then simply download thispdf of his email that is complete with photos and prices.

=========== All of these are sold.==========


Bellows Sept 14

Bellows with working valves and good leather. Measures 65" long by 39" wide.

================ SOLD ==================

Dominic Shaw
Dripping Springs, TX


100 LB Little Giant Sept 14

I have a 100 lb Little Giant hammer for sale. It is in good shape with good bearings. It is a flat belt drive unit.

The serial number is 732 . It has been in storage in the back of my machine shop since 1983. I have no pictures. There is no motor on the hammer so it is not operational at this time.

I am asking $2700.00. I live in the San Antonio area and cannot deliver it.

================ SOLD ==================

Stewart Windeler
7910 tripe crown
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015

phone 210-4585-7506


Champion Cavalry Shop US Cavalry Coal/Coke Forge Aug 14

Own a piece of history! This is a nearly pristine specimen of the Champion Cavalry Shop US Cavalry Coal/Coke Forge, which I've dated back at least until World War II based on a couple of links below. The only blemish on this museum-quality piece is it's missing the latch that holds the packed forge shut (see last photo). The Champion blower (the industry standard at the time) works beautifully and still has the original wooden handle and counterweight intact... a rarity for older forges like this. It has been well-preserved in a barn in central TX for decades and now it's available for your collection.

This rare machine would be a perfect display piece for the military enthusiast, blacksmith collector, or farrier... or could be put to use. I recommend a coating of refractory if you opt to use it for forging as the metal is somewhat thin and old. Personally, I'd rather spend my time polishing and looking at it than forging with it.

Cost: $700

================ SOLD ==================

The following links will give you more info on the forge and its place in history.

GMC CCKW Blacksmith Set: http://www.cckw.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3828

Preserved for Posterity: http://www.anvilmag.com/smith/112f1.htm


chadwick avery (san antonio, tx)


Bader Belt Grinder Aug 14

Bader Belt Grinder with 3 extra wheels & belt, 3 phase motor.

Price : $ 1500.00

location Kyle TX 78640

====== SOLD ======

Call: 512 653 3115


Anthracite Coal Aug 14

Premium Anthracite coal 50lb bags.

High Quality Anthracite Coal for Your Coal Forge

Pre-packaged 50# bags of nut sized real Anthracite coal from PA (not wood compressed) for high temperature forging and precious metals.

***Old Company's Lehigh Premium Anthracite***

  • *HIGH* BTUs/Heat
  • *LONG*-lasting burn
  • Low sulfur/smoke
  • Takes longer to get going
  • Does not require, but is much easier to use with, an electric blower vice hand crank

Anthracite coal is the last classification of coal... the ultimate maturation. And I've got nearly 9 tons of it!

================ All SOLD, Sorry ==================

50# Bags.......note prices were updated 10/07/14
  • 1 bag for $25
  • 3 bags for $60
  • No additional bulk prices are available due to dwindling supply.
For those outside of the San Antonio area, this coal is also posted on eBay in 25+ lb boxes under seller: "averycr1".

Chadwick Avery

San Antonio, TX


Foundry Grinders June 14


Foundry Grinder

  • Brand-Cincinnati Electrical Tool
  • Model Number-Type FFA
  • Grinding Wheel Size-3" x 18"
  • Horsepower-5 HP
  • Input Voltage-220/440 volts
  • Wheel Load Speed (RPM)-1160
  • Shaft Diameter-1 1/2"
  • Phase-3
  • Approx. net weight-950 pounds


Foundry Grinder

  • Brand-U.S. Electrical Tool
  • Model Number-10
  • Grinding Wheel Size-3" x 18"
  • Horsepower-7 1/2 HP
  • Input Voltage-220/440 volts
  • Wheel Load Speed (RPM)-1200
  • Phase-3
  • Totally enclosed continuous duty motor
  • Push button starter
  • Lubricated sealed-for-life ball bearings
  • Adjustable wheel guards with exhaust outlets
  • Adjustable tool rests
  • Manufactured in accord with ANSI Safety Code
  • Spindle lock
  • Eyeshields
Designed for most sever industrial applications, the Model 10 is truly the "heavyweight" of pedestal grinders. Featuring extra wide wheel spacing for maximum operator maneuverability, note also the extra heavy extensions providing rigid support to the spindle at the extremities. Stationary exhaust outlets are provided for connection to auxiliary or central dust collection systems.

Approx. net weight-1,000 pounds

The prices are firm.
Payment Options-Cash, PayPal
Shipping available
Contact-Eric Fuller


Anvil & Post Vice May 14

95 lb. Anvil and Post Vice
Anvil & Vice (set) - $450

Contact Joe Sonka at 2009andgod@gmail.com
He prefers to sell it as a set.


Little Giant 25lb. Forging Hammer Aug 14

Little Giant 25lb. Forging Hammer

New motor and belts.

Machine is tight and works well.
I can not locate a Sn anywhere on the machine, but it is a 1st generation machine by the way the anvil is made.
Excellent Condition.
Price is firm: $3500

361 237 7878
Tivoli, Texas


8" Post Vise April 14

Columbian Post Vise- $600 ====SOLD====!

Very large Columbian Post Vise. 8" jaws, 150#. Excellent used condition, but there are two issues which do not affect use and can be easily fixed: 1. Non-traditional spring; 2. Leg has been extended using pipe fitting and iron rod. The screw, screw box and collar are in excellent shape, no broken threads. Great size for an upset vise.

Located in Fort Worth near TCU. Prefer customer pick up, but would consider meeting half way if out of town. Could be shipped motor freight on a pallet at customer expense.

Call Jerry (c) 817-9839812