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Coal Forge
April 2018

The Forge is 23" wide 35" long and 35" tall has a 13" brake drum for coal and a 2" clean out and an electric blower also has wheels on it for easy moving.

Price $150.00

Harry Dudley


50 lb Little Giant Power Hammer
January 2018

50# Little Giant Powerhammer for sale. Excellent condition. No cracks anywhere. Ready to use. I am located near Mtn. View, AR.

Price $5000 obo. *** SOLD ***

Ricky Stevens


Huge Blacksmith Anvil 286 Pounds on Ash Stump
January 2018

I've had this anvil for many many years and have made many beautiful things on it. The guy I bought it from long ago said it was a Peter Wright. The anvil is stamped 2----1----6 or 286 pounds not counting the base. The anvil is staked to a Ash stump and has 2 tool racks for 1 1/4" tools. There is also number 5 stamped on the base. I can no longer find the makers mark. The top has wear and has been repaired on the edge. The heel has a small torch cut on it and the point has been blunted. It is 31" long and 5" wide with 1 1/4" hardy hole and 5/8 pritchel hole. I can load in the back of a pickup.
$1500 CASH
936 876 3036
Huntington, TX
Terry D. Coffman


Gas Forge
January 2018

New costom built propane forge , single burner, 6"x6"x9" with 1/4" thick walls $280.

Call Terry at 512-734-5341
Location: Lampasas


2 Forges, Anvil, Hammer
July 2017

Cast iron rivet forge: 19" OD $150.00 *** sold ***
Coal Forge 26" wide, 36" long, 34 1/2" high, firepot 9 by 12" sides from 1/4" plate, bottom from 3/8" plate $250.00 *** sold ***
Jim Linzy Farrier's anvil. 1" hardy, 1/2" pritchel, 3 1/2" wide, face length 15", horn length 11", foot print 10" by 15" $460.00 *** sold ***
3.5 lb Czech cross peen made by Nathan Robertson 1045 steel $125.00 if shipped or $110.00 if picked up
*** sold ***
Gary Hilton


Anvils, Post Vices, Coal Forge
June 2017

150 lb Trenton anvil $750*** sold ***
New coal forge $350*** sold ***
post vices 35,50,65 and 75 lbs. all in great shape, $150 to $300*** sold ***
147 lb striker anvil new $365 *** sold ***

Call Terry at 512-734-5341
Location: Lampasas


Anvil & Blower
May 2017

Selling the following together, $600 (cash)

Located in Spring Tx, a couple miles south of Old Town Spring. mdlemm@comcast.net or Text 832-797-4252

Anvil, approx 105lbs
M&H Armitage Mousehole Forge

Champion Forge Blower,
all vanes intact & operational.


Treadle Hammer
May, 2017
*** SOLD ***

I am selling a Treadle Hammer in excellent condition with dies.

Contact Charles Williams at 512-633-4947. Or email. Cewbiker@gmail.com


Striking Anvils, Vice, Hardy Tools
April 2017

Post vice, 70lbs, 5&1/2" jaws, in great shape $300. *** SOLD ***
2 striker anvils, 100lbs & 110 lbs. $350 & $400. *** SOLD ***
Hardy's starting at $25. *** SOLD ***

Call Terry at 512-734-5341


Anvils and Tools Update August 2016

I am located in Austin have a good collection of blacksmithing tools. I wanted to post an update for new items for sale. I have a larger selection than ever before: 17 power hammers, anvils, vises, tongs, hardies, forges, and much much more. My shop is in Austin, TX.

Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days for you to come have a look. Other days via phone. I will and have been selling to some great folks around the community and desire to continue doing so.

My prices will be very fair as I want to promote/support people who love working with their hands.

I'm happy to answer any questions people have. The best way for me is via a phone call. I'm not much into emails or text.

Mopac and West Howard Ln.

Thank you!!

Andrew Alexander
(972) 824-0041 Pocket


Power Hammer and Striking Anvil March 2017

For sale: 25lb little giant power hammer, new dies & keys, 1&1/2 hp motor 110 volt, new spring, bronze bushings on main shaft, lots of grease zerks, mounted on heavy steel plate & rubber pad. Kept in doors for 87 years. looks & Works Great! $4200. ***Sold***

I also have a 120 lb striker anvil made from 4"x 4" 1018 tool steel. Great blacksmith tool. $360 ***Sold***

Call Terry at 512-734-5341


Antique Drill Press March 2017

I am selling this antique drill press. I've had it for years. At times use it daily. It turns slow but strong. Perfect for metal.

44" of travel on press plate Reduced Price $500.00 obo

Call Charlie 713-408-7290


Fly Presses, House Jacks, Kick Presses, Blowers March 2017

For Sale, all dimensions are approximate (eyeball with rule). *** ALL ITEMS SOLD ***

  • Single Sided Fly Press - COBA: Dimensions: Center to back 4", Screw 1 3/4", fly wheel 20"dia. - $1,050
  • Double Sided Fly Press - (5 ton?) - Dimension between uprights 9", screw 1 1/2", flywheel 21 1/2" dia. - $1050
  • 2 Kick presses - No. 1 & No. 1A - Table 15 3/4" X 22 1/2", Base 24" X 24", Ram travel 2", 55" tall - $300 each
  • House Screw Jacks – 1 Joyce 1 1/4 x 10, 1 Americanscale 1 1/4 x 10 (10 ton) - $75 each - 2 Joyces 1 1/2 x 10 (12 ton) - $90 each - All 12" tall closed
  • Forge Blowers - Simplex Mfg. Co., McQueeney, TX Ser. No. 23336AA 12" diameter, hand crank - $200 - B.F. Sturtevant, Boston, Mass. No. 00 13" Dia. Flat belt drive - $200
  • Call Ben - 210-732-4289
    San Antonio, TX


    Anvil February 2017

    ====== SOLD ======

    I have for sale this KOHLSWA anvil marked Sweden.
    The weight is 153 pounds. It is 27" long, 11 1/2 inches tall. The base is 10 1/2 inches long and 9 1/2 inches wide. The top is 4 1/2 inches wide.
    The square hole on top is 1".
    There have been no repairs made to this anvil.


    Forge, Post Vice and Anvil February 2017

    Selling my blacksmith equipment located in Gallup, NM.

    1. FORGE: Factory made by Laurel Machine & Foundry Company, Laurel, MS.
    Coal forge is 30 1/2 wide x 24 1/2.
    Has a removable front shelf 8 3/4" x 30" with a 1 1/2 lip.
    Removable hood 34" high with an 8" chimney pipe outlet.
    Equipped with a 115volt variable speed Fasco 135 CFM blower.
    Retracting wide steel rollers on two legs make it easy to move.
    The forge is like new, used less than six or seven times.

    2. Antique 'TREXION' anvil made by Trenton.
    27 1/2" long x 4" wide x 11 1/2" high.
    150# stamped on anvil.
    Serial #204019 - the internet indicates manufactured in the early 1900's.
    Has 10 1/2" x 4 1/2" cone accessory. Good condition.

    ====== SOLD ======

    3. Post blacksmith vice. Was painted glossy black when I purchased it. Seems to be in good usable condition.

    ====== SOLD ======


    Champion Forge with Blower August 2016

    ====== SOLD ======

    Champion cast iron forge with blower and fire pot. Works well. Located in League City, TX.

    Pete Farrell


    Power Hammer Auction September 2016

    Little Giant EZ, 25lb & 50lb Trip Hammers for sale at Auction in Park River, ND - Details at www.midwestauctions.com/schuster

    ====== SOLD ======

    Thanks, Scott Schuster

    Schuster Auctioneering



    MODERN Power Hammer Aug 2016

    My 1905-08 MODERN POWER HAMMER has been sand blasted and primed, qnd is partially disassembled ready for welding and machine work. This is a 35 lb hammer. It is quite heavy and I can load it for you. My health prohibits me from finishing it. Located in Huntington, TX. $1000 firm. ====== SOLD ======

    reference image from http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/imagedetail.aspx?id=5148

    Call Terry @ Oak Flat Forge at 936 876 3036

    or email terryd.coffman@yahoo.com

    Many thanks!


    Anvil,Hammer, Tools and Forge July 2016

    I have a personal blacksmith shop for sale: everthing a person needs to work and enjoy the art of smithing. My anvil is approx. 285 lbs. very good shape, forge table with electric fan, several barrels of coke,assortment of tongs and hammers, and a newly built air hammer Would like to sell all of the items together $6000

    I'm located in Camden Ar.

    phone 870-833-2911


    Champion 400 Forge July 2016

    For sale Champion 400 forge, Make Offer. ==== SOLD ====

    Located in Hutto Tx. area.

    Call or text Eddie at 512-657-2845.


    JMR Tube Bender July 2016

    I have a JMR tube or tubing bender for race car chassis, roll cages, or would be great for blacksmithing. I believe it is a JMR TB 1000. This is one of the finest ones on the market. This is not a cheap piece of crap from china. The dies are solid steel and super heavy duty. The pump is electric over hydraulic. Comes with rolling stand and 7 sets of dies from 1" to 2" with additional plastic dies for chromed or finished thin wall tubing.

    Unit is $2500 with ALL the dies! Missing the degree wheel which is available from JMR.

    Call Terry at Oak Flat Forge at 936 876 3036.

    Located in Huntington, TX


    25 LB Little Giant and Gas Forge July 2016

    Owner is retirement age and has shoed horses most of his life. He has many nice homemade horse shoes for sale (conservatively over 300) as well as hand tools related to this trade, blacksmith tongs etc.

    Mechanical horse shoe bender: $500.

    Trip hammer is nice and tight in the normal wear points and has been maintained. Last used in a shop that had 3 phase power, but because its belt drive, could be easily converted.

    Because this unit is tight, owner seeks $3,000. ====== SOLD ======

    Working Forced Air Johnson 133 Gas forge (new is $9680) for $600

    Loading and or shipping can be discussed. Have pickups, trailers etc. I text.

    These items are near Kansas City.

    Thank you

    Kent Ryun

    913 638 3926


    Blacksmith and Woodworking Shop June 2016

    I need to sell my deceased fathers's blacksmith shop/museum and wood working shop. Selling as 2 lots to include all tools, equipment, and materials:

    • Blacksmith Shop: $11,000 (OBO)
    • Woodworking Shop: $2,000 (OBO) Building: $10,000 firm
    Friday, July 15 - Sunday, July 17, 2016 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    West Monroe, Louisiana

    A PDF file of photos is available to downlad by clicking Blacksmith Shop Open House and Sale.

    To schedule an appointment: Call 214-500-0729

    or Email: dipoche@gmail.com


    Huge Tool Collection May 2016

    I have a large collection of blacksmithing equipment and tools for sale. My father and I began collecting blacksmith shops in the 1960's when it was still fairly common to find them in small Texas towns. Most were closed up in the 30's and 40's, but many were still relatively intact. The majority of our equipment is from the old blacksmith shops of many towns between Houston and Austin.

    In the link, I have tried to picture and fairly price the larger items, however, the hand tools are too numerous to individually list. I would love to answer any questions and provide specific information and pictures of any specific equipment and hand tools you are interested in. I look forward to helping any new smith with basic equipment as well as expanding the shop of any established smith.

    All items shown by appointment. Please call before visiting shop.

    Bryan Lane
    Lane's Auto Parts
    1401 Avenue H
    Rosenberg, TX, 77471

    Contact me at
    713-817-3974 or

    Additional details and photos of the following are included in this PDF document you can download by clicking Lane Sale List.

    • 25 lb Little Giant Trip Hammer $2700 ====== SOLD ======
    • Over 100 pairs of tongs in a wide variety of types and sizes. Priced from $15 a pair and up.
    • Several Champion blowers priced from $150-225 ====== SOLD ======
    • Also have numerous forge tuyeres and fireboxes. Call for prices.
    • 25 pound Moloch Trip hammer $900 ====== SOLD ======
    • Blacksmith post vises. Jaw sizes from 3.5" to 5.25", prices from $125 to $250
    • ANVIL TOOLS Contact me for your specific needs and pricing.
    • Forge Table in several sizes, including small "farmer's" style. Contact me for details. Rivet forge is ====== SOLD ======
    • 104 lb 12 Hole $375 ====== SOLD ======
    • 104 lb 5 Hole $250 ====== SOLD ======
    • 165 lb 15 hole $525 ====== SOLD ======
    • 148 lb 5 hole plus bowl depression $325 ====== SOLD ======
    • US Shear #1 by St. Anthony Ironworks circa 1870's. $450 ====== SOLD ======
    • Also have two similar but smaller shears, price $275 each.
    • Blacksmith's multipurpose tool functions as shear, punch, and upsetter $200.
    • Very large $750 ====== SOLD ======
    • Medium size $575 ====== SOLD ======
    • 25 lb Little Giant trip hammer in VERY good condition. $3000 ====== SOLD ======
    • Eagle Anvil, approx 200 lb $1100 ====== SOLD ======
    • Hay Budden Anvil, 268 lb $1400 ====== SOLD ======
    • Soderfor Anvil, 168 lb $600
    • Columbia Anvil, 123 lb $650 ====== SOLD ======
    • Alsop Anvil, 113 lb $450 (pending sale)
    • Peter Wright Anvil, 123 lb $325 ====== SOLD ======
    • Several drill presses in various sizes/conditions. Prices $50-100
    • Antique wheelwright's machine for bending wagon tires. $225 ====== SOLD ======


    Blower and Forge Table April 2016

    • Forge Blower - Royal Western Chief, Canedy Otto Manufacturing Co. Really nice. Very good condition and works great. $160 ====== SOLD ======
    • Forge - Neill-LaVielle Supply Co., Louisville, KY. Very good condition, needs to have front legs replace, but that's easy to do. $225 ====== SOLD ======
    • Post Vise - Don't know much about it and have not used it, but it should be fine. $130 ====== SOLD ======
    • Blacksmithing Coal - 50lb. bag unopened, another 1/2 bag. $45 for all of it. ====== SOLD ======

    I live in Katy, TX and have several blacksmithing tools for sale. All items are in very good, useable condition.

    Thanks for looking.

    Jim Thompson


    Podiatry Trailer April 2016

    2015 Bay Horse Innovation 60"x96" custom made podiatry trailer. Stainless steel skin. Split side doors, electric locks, Full access V-nose, peg shoe racks. Includes drill press, bandsaw, grinder, forge, and Future 3 anvil.

    $14,000 or best offer.

    Located near Austin, TX.


    Anvils and Tools Febuary 2016

    I'm planning to come to the Steephollow Forgeworks meeting Saturday and will bring some anvils and other tools. I have a 226 lb Hay Budden (small chips along the edges but a good table, could be easily dressed with a belt sander, a nice classic for a shop center of attraction). Also an old style Peter Wright classic about 150 lbs, clean, flat table. And a like-new pre-WW2 cast vanadium steel, 150 pounds (the tough steel that made the Model T). These won't be cheap because they are all exceptional. I'm coming from out of state and prefer cash.


    David Bailey

    ps: Really looking forward to seeing old friends.


    Anvils and Tools January 2016

    I am located in Austin have a good collection of blacksmithing tools. Over 30 post leg vises, 5 forges, 10 blowers, 5 hand crank drills, several ANVILS, Hardy tools, tongs, hammers, stake anvils, vises, presses, and much much more.

    Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days for you to come have a look. Other days via phone. I will and have been selling to some great folks around the community and desire to continue doing so.

    My prices will be very fair as I want to promote/support people who love working with their hands.

    The big anvil is one I carved from 1 piece of solid oak.

    I'm happy to answer any questions people have. The best way for me is via a phone call. I'm not much into emails or text.

    Mopac and West Howard Ln.

    Thank you!!

    Andrew Alexander
    (972) 824-0041 Pocket


    Pump Forge Oct 2015

    Unique pump forge for sale. Fully operational. $250.00====== SOLD ======!

    Pat Bossart

    Plantersville, TX
    (832) 656-4836


    Large Post Vise Oct 2015

    I have a post vise for sale. The jaws are 5.25 inches wide. It weighs 75 pounds and is 41 inches long. It has good alignment and a good screw. $175. ====== SOLD ======

    Dean Stinn

    Magnolia, TX


    Anvil and Power Hammer September 2015

    I have some blacksmith tools I would like to sell. I had a small shop and made hand forged knives years ago.

    • I have a 25# Little Giant trip hammer with some extra parts: 3-dies, bushing, 2-arms. Brought it here and plugged it in was running. Been sitting here for several years. $3000 for trip hammer ======== SOLD ========
    • Haybuden anvil 150#. $500 for anvil (it is stamped 176 weighed it with old cotton scales and it was over 160#)======== SOLD ========
    • 20 sets of tongs. $20 / tongs
    • Some junk tongs.
    • Post drill press 1-Good 1-junk. $125 for both post drills and bits
    • Leg vises 1-Good 1-junk. $125 for both leg vices ======== SOLD ========
    • A few hammers 2 flatters hot and cold chisels.
    Will make a good deal if someone takes it all. See photos below.


    Roger Clark
    tel: 512 430 2094
    I am locateded at Rockdale Tx


    Grinder Controller & Motor August 2015

    Just finally decided to sell my Grinder Controller(Baldor BC160) and 3hp DC Motor (Motor Baldor CDP3604), both in like new condition less than 20 working hours.
    It is difficult for me to let this stuff go but simply can’t make knives anymore.
    Below are links to these for research.

    Bring a STRONG BACK this motor IS HEAVY!!!!!

    Controller Specifications

    New Controller for sale

    Motor Baldor CDP3604 ( The new ones are Blue in color) the only difference

    $650.00 or best offer

    Contact Info: Lee Shull


    Smithing Tools July 2015

    Approximately 96lb railroad track anvil with pritchel hole and hold down tool. Good rebound and easily mobile : $300
    ============================= SOLD ===========================

    base: 9"x8"
    tip of anvil to back: 20.5"
    face: 2.75" wide
    height to top of anvil: 30.5"

    Custom aluminum anvil stand with various tool holders : $275

    Post vise : $175
    ============================= SOLD ===========================

    4" wide jaws
    39" overall height

    Vise table/stand : $150
    21.25" overall height

    Will sell everything for $800.

    Contact Cody Wollard

    I am in the La Porte area


    Mobile Forge July 2015

    Mobile Forge ($600)

    ======================= SOLD =========================

    The firepot and tuyere on this forge are both from Pieh Tools and the firepot has a clinker breaker. The blower was purchased from Grainger. If you ever have the need to move your forge (SAFELY) due to limited smithy space or any other reason, this is a GREAT forge for doing just that. Come out and have a look. I'm in San Antonio.

    -- Chadwick Avery

    (706) 338-0048


    50 Lb Little Giant Power Hammer July 2015

    Fully functional 50 lb Little Giant power hammer located 25 miles north of Ft.worth. Has 2 hp 220v motor and one set of flat dies. Comes with one set of bolt on drawing dies. Has been well maintained and kept greased.

    $4000.00 OBO will be listing on ebay also. ====== SOLD ======


    Ron Logan
    text msg - 817-932-2514


    100 lb."Big Blu" Power Hammer July 2015

    100 lb."Big Blu" Power Hammer - For Sale $4000

    ======== SOLD! ========

    "Big Blu" 100 lb. Pneumatic Power Hammer. Impeccably maintained. Excellent condition. $4000. Includes standard flat die set, plus combo-dies for flat work or drawing out steel. The additional set of Big Blu crown dies are for free-form sculpting. All dies have been built, mounted and heat treated from 4140 steel by Big Blu Hammer, Inc.

    This hammer has a 6:1 ram-to-anvil ration for superb performance with amazing sensitivity and control. The ram guides have been upgraded to the free-floating design for even smoother operation and the pressure switch and pneumatic cylinder are new. The hammer requires a minimum of 120 psi continuous 21 cfm compressor.

    Also includes the Big Blu 10-Piece Fullering Set, a custom forged set of tools designed to be held with the punch tongs provided for use with the power hammer. Shapes include mushroom, cut-off chisel/slitting, square end, 3 round ends and 4 fullering ends.

    Dan Barczak
    Toledo, OH 43608


    Czech Anvil and tools June 2015

    Czech anvil for sale. Overall length = 40 1/2", Face width = 5 1/4", Face width at extension = 9 1/4", Hardy hole = 1 3/8" x 1 5/16", Pritchel hole = 15/16", Extension width = 4", Upsetting block is 5" wide, Anvil height = 15", Anvil height on stand = 33 3/4", Weight is 200 kgs (about 440 lbs). It may go as much as 462 lbs.

    I'd like to sell the anvil, the stand, and the shown hardy tools as a unit for $3000.00.

    =============================== SOLD ==================================

    I'd rather it be picked up as it's so heavy. This anvil is in excellent condition. My phone numbers and email address is shown below. If there is any trouble loading these, or you need something else please let me know.

    Gary Hilton

    Cell: 830-459-4015
    Off: 830-238-3406
    email: gwhilton@hotmail.com


    Anvil and Tools Collection May 2015

    • Peter wright 114# anvil. # 1-0-2 400.00
    • Cast iron forge new condition 200.00
    • Champion blower Model # 40 200.00
    • Antique fully functional grinding wheel 350.00
    • 14 pairs of ready to use tongs 25.00ea
    =============== All Items are Sold ===================

    Now piece by piece. $1500.00

    Buy the whole set. $1250.00

    Milk cans not included in price .

    =============== All Items are Sold ===================

    I have more stuff and I am a motivated seller. I need things gone by June 1. I used to be a user , and I have been collecting for years but I am narrowing things up now. I also have many unique hand crank grinders. Huge amount of nice monkey wrenches And the list goes on. But it is time to lighten up the load and Cash Money is the only option!

    John Betthauser



    Deadstroke Power Hammer May 2015

    I have a DIENELT & EISENHARDT "Deadstroke" Power Hammer I would like to sell. I am located in central Louisiana.

    Here is a link to photos and info: http://yakiba.com/Power_Hammers.htm.

    Price: $5000

    Price does not include any fees associated with loading or transporting of this hammer.

    Contact me by phone: 318.613.6375 (please note, I received so many unsolicited phone calls that I may not answer if I do not recognize the number. Please leave a message stating that you are calling about the hammer and I will return your call. Thank you.)

    E-mail: edssolicitoraddress@gmail.com

    Ed Marshall


    Very Large Vice April 2015

    • Large Reed mfg vise for sale. Vise is now freed up.
    • Don't know the true weight but it is easily 140 pounds.
    • 15 inches tall
    • 27 inches long
    • 12 inch base
    • Jaws are 5 1/2 inches with pipe jaws.
    • Make Offer
    Call Charlie at 713-408-7290


    Anvil and Gas Forge March 2015

    Contact Info: Lee Shull 281.638.0832 more pictures on request.
    Fisher-Norris Eagle Anvil
    1941 220 LB.
    Great rebound needs new home
    $800.00 with steel base $900.00 OBO

    ================ SOLD ==================

    Gas forge w/Castable refractory lining rated at 3200F
    With venturi burners and 90 LB propane tank

    ================ SOLD ==================


    Anvil and Tools Jan 15

    Many tools and anvils (100 pounds to 440) for sale.

    Contact Charlie Young in Gause TX at 979-220-9028.

    See Photos.


    Anvil and Tools Dec 2014

    Trenton Anvil - 120 Lbs

    Price : $480

    ================ SOLD ==================

    Anvil-Vice-Boring Tool Combo - $200

    ================ SOLD ==================

    Post Vice - $175

    ================ SOLD ==================

    Forge - $200

    ================ SOLD ==================

    Tools - Call to discuss

    ================ SOLD ==================

    Contact: Andy


    Power Hammers Dec 14

    25 pound Moloch (Little Giant) trip hammer. 110 volt motor. $2600.00 ====== SOLD ======

    Jenkins & Lingle guided ram helve hammer. I guess the ram weight around 100 lbs. Patent dates in the 1880s. Appears to be in good condition. No motor. $3200.00
    ========== SOLD ==========

    Tommy Traylor

    Bellville, TX 77418


    JHM Anvils Sept 14

    JHM Competitor Anvil - NEW never used
    • 260 pounds
    • Table 20" X 5"
    • Base 12" X 11"
    • Horn 11"
    • 13.5" tall
    • 1.25" Hardie
    • .75" Pritchel
    • 48-52 Rockwell C
    • Price is firm at $1000. Normal retail over $1300 plus freight.
    • ================ SOLD ==================

    JHM Shaper Anvil - NEW never used
    • 160 pounds
    • Table 17.25: X 4.5"
    • Base 9" X 11.75"
    • Horn 12.75"
    • 11.5" tall
    • 1" Hardie
    • .5 Pritchel
    • 48-52 Rockwell C
    • Price is firm at $ 700.
    • ================ SOLD ==================

    Can be picked up in Peaster, TX north of Weatherford.
    Contact John Marino cell/text 817-901-5900


    Swages and Stakes and Gas Forge Sept 14

    Gary Hilton has more great tools for sale. Photos will be posted shortly. Until then simply download thispdf of his email that is complete with photos and prices.

    =========== All of these are sold.==========


    Bellows Sept 14

    Bellows with working valves and good leather. Measures 65" long by 39" wide.

    ================ SOLD ==================

    Dominic Shaw
    Dripping Springs, TX


    100 LB Little Giant Sept 14

    I have a 100 lb Little Giant hammer for sale. It is in good shape with good bearings. It is a flat belt drive unit.

    The serial number is 732 . It has been in storage in the back of my machine shop since 1983. I have no pictures. There is no motor on the hammer so it is not operational at this time.

    I am asking $2700.00. I live in the San Antonio area and cannot deliver it.

    ================ SOLD ==================

    Stewart Windeler
    7910 tripe crown
    Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015

    phone 210-4585-7506


    Champion Cavalry Shop US Cavalry Coal/Coke Forge Aug 14

    Own a piece of history! This is a nearly pristine specimen of the Champion Cavalry Shop US Cavalry Coal/Coke Forge, which I've dated back at least until World War II based on a couple of links below. The only blemish on this museum-quality piece is it's missing the latch that holds the packed forge shut (see last photo). The Champion blower (the industry standard at the time) works beautifully and still has the original wooden handle and counterweight intact... a rarity for older forges like this. It has been well-preserved in a barn in central TX for decades and now it's available for your collection.

    This rare machine would be a perfect display piece for the military enthusiast, blacksmith collector, or farrier... or could be put to use. I recommend a coating of refractory if you opt to use it for forging as the metal is somewhat thin and old. Personally, I'd rather spend my time polishing and looking at it than forging with it.

    Cost: $700

    ================ SOLD ==================

    The following links will give you more info on the forge and its place in history.

    GMC CCKW Blacksmith Set: http://www.cckw.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3828

    Preserved for Posterity: http://www.anvilmag.com/smith/112f1.htm


    chadwick avery (san antonio, tx)


    Bader Belt Grinder Aug 14

    Bader Belt Grinder with 3 extra wheels & belt, 3 phase motor.

    Price : $ 1500.00

    location Kyle TX 78640

    ====== SOLD ======

    Call: 512 653 3115


    Anthracite Coal Aug 14

    Premium Anthracite coal 50lb bags.

    High Quality Anthracite Coal for Your Coal Forge

    Pre-packaged 50# bags of nut sized real Anthracite coal from PA (not wood compressed) for high temperature forging and precious metals.

    ***Old Company's Lehigh Premium Anthracite***

    • *HIGH* BTUs/Heat
    • *LONG*-lasting burn
    • Low sulfur/smoke
    • Takes longer to get going
    • Does not require, but is much easier to use with, an electric blower vice hand crank

    Anthracite coal is the last classification of coal... the ultimate maturation. And I've got nearly 9 tons of it!

    ================ All SOLD, Sorry ==================

    50# Bags.......note prices were updated 10/07/14
    • 1 bag for $25
    • 3 bags for $60
    • No additional bulk prices are available due to dwindling supply.
    For those outside of the San Antonio area, this coal is also posted on eBay in 25+ lb boxes under seller: "averycr1".

    Chadwick Avery

    San Antonio, TX


    Foundry Grinders June 14


    Foundry Grinder

    • Brand-Cincinnati Electrical Tool
    • Model Number-Type FFA
    • Grinding Wheel Size-3" x 18"
    • Horsepower-5 HP
    • Input Voltage-220/440 volts
    • Wheel Load Speed (RPM)-1160
    • Shaft Diameter-1 1/2"
    • Phase-3
    • Approx. net weight-950 pounds


    Foundry Grinder

    • Brand-U.S. Electrical Tool
    • Model Number-10
    • Grinding Wheel Size-3" x 18"
    • Horsepower-7 1/2 HP
    • Input Voltage-220/440 volts
    • Wheel Load Speed (RPM)-1200
    • Phase-3
    • Totally enclosed continuous duty motor
    • Push button starter
    • Lubricated sealed-for-life ball bearings
    • Adjustable wheel guards with exhaust outlets
    • Adjustable tool rests
    • Manufactured in accord with ANSI Safety Code
    • Spindle lock
    • Eyeshields
    Designed for most sever industrial applications, the Model 10 is truly the "heavyweight" of pedestal grinders. Featuring extra wide wheel spacing for maximum operator maneuverability, note also the extra heavy extensions providing rigid support to the spindle at the extremities. Stationary exhaust outlets are provided for connection to auxiliary or central dust collection systems.

    Approx. net weight-1,000 pounds

    The prices are firm.
    Payment Options-Cash, PayPal
    Shipping available
    Contact-Eric Fuller


    Anvil & Post Vice May 14

    95 lb. Anvil and Post Vice
    Anvil & Vice (set) - $450

    Contact Joe Sonka at 2009andgod@gmail.com
    He prefers to sell it as a set.


    Little Giant 25lb. Forging Hammer Aug 14

    Little Giant 25lb. Forging Hammer

    New motor and belts.

    Machine is tight and works well.
    I can not locate a Sn anywhere on the machine, but it is a 1st generation machine by the way the anvil is made.
    Excellent Condition.
    Price is firm: $3500

    361 237 7878
    Tivoli, Texas


    8" Post Vise April 14

    Columbian Post Vise- $600 ====SOLD====!

    Very large Columbian Post Vise. 8" jaws, 150#. Excellent used condition, but there are two issues which do not affect use and can be easily fixed: 1. Non-traditional spring; 2. Leg has been extended using pipe fitting and iron rod. The screw, screw box and collar are in excellent shape, no broken threads. Great size for an upset vise.

    Located in Fort Worth near TCU. Prefer customer pick up, but would consider meeting half way if out of town. Could be shipped motor freight on a pallet at customer expense.

    Call Jerry (c) 817-9839812