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by Dave Koenig

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Formula for star or other pointed form


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Tom Latine's vise forging notes




The Chasing Tool chart was prepared by Heiki Seppa


Pitch Sources are:

A.  ALLCRAFT - 1-800-645-7124

      Red German Pitch is recommended.

B.  NORTHWEST PITCHWORKS - 1-360-715-1772

     Medium Grade Pitch is recommended.


Pitch Pot Sources are:

A.  Jewelry Supply Stores

B.  Blacksmith Keith Johnson - 1-218-751-9433


Chasing Tool Sources are:

A.  Koka Metalsmiths - 1-507-643-7946 or




Tool Forms E



High Relief Chasing Info.

Measurements 1-6 E


Measurements 7 - 14 E



Measurements 15 - 19 E



Measurements 20-024 E







Simple Propane Forge


Friction Folding Knife & Handle