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Our Prez Sez.....
from HABA President Bob Hensley

Summer 2010

Bob Hensley - Greetings Greetings! My name is Bob Hensley, and I was recently elected to be the president of the HABA Board of Directors after serving as Vice-President under Russell Parrish. Russell did a fine job as president, and like him, I am very interested in making HABA the best blacksmith organization it can be.

We have some great things planned for the rest of this year – Fold Forming in August with Professor Emeritus - U of H, Val Link (in air conditioned comfort at Kleb woods), September brings Les Cook teaching us to making leaves, in October we have our annual ForgeFest meeting in Oldenburg, with Chad Gunther as our demonstrator, and in November we will be casting aluminum with Pat Bossart. This list doesn’t cover everything we are doing, we also have demos scheduled at various museums and events, and of course our work days at Barrington Farm the end of October. And we are already scheduling next years events!

HABA is also investigating the possibility of having a “home” shop – one that would be available to members more often than just a monthly meeting. A place where we could do demonstrator training, or some supervised free forging for some of our newer members who need more time at the anvil than our once monthly meeting allows for. We will keep you updated as this goes on.

We need your input – things you want to learn, demonstrators you would like to see, things YOU would like to demonstrate, places we can demonstrate for the public to help get the word out about blacksmithing. We need to show people blacksmithing isn’t just for big burly men with long whiskers, that anyone can learn to work hot iron with a little practice and have fun doing it. Please come and talk to me at any meeting and let me know what you are thinking, or talk with any of our board members. Or you can email me, my email address is bob@morphingmetals.com . Please put something about blacksmithing in the subject line, we all get too much spam these days to open every email.

We also need your help. Our advisory board is very important to us – they help us with new ideas, and with keeping it all running smoothly. If you are interested in helping make HABA a better organization, please let one of our board members know – we only meet about 4 times a year, and we want anyone who is interested in helping to be able to do so. You are also welcome to come to any of our board meetings even if you are not on the board, we invite anyone who is interested to check the website for time and location and please attend – this is your organization too!

Thanks for being HABA members, let’s have another great year beating that hot iron!

Bob Hensley

Our Prez Said.....
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