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To Preserve and Promote the Art and Craft of Blacksmithing Through Education.

Welcome to HABAIRON.ORG, the website of the Houston Area Blacksmith's Association, the Internet resource of choice for the blacksmith in and around Houston, Texas. We have the technology!

HABA Meetings Archive 2006

December, 2006

Happy Hammer Holidays

HABA Members have been blessed with a great year of demonstrations and activity which gives us an exciting start towards a New Year.

To close out this year we are pleased to bring you copies of The Texas Forge Review newsletters from the 20th century's eighth decade. These issues document the amazing early years of blacksmithing's rebirth in Texas, starting with the Francis Whitaker Workshops organized and hosted by Joe Pehoski of Salado! See our Historical Texas page for the Forge links to the collection on loan from Wendel Broussard.

Franks Anvil HABA Wreath Once again as this year packs up, we can step back and see it has been busy, fun, and full of opportunity. For this we are grateful to the many HABA volunteers and participants who have kept the flag held high. Now is a good time to look over the pages of this website you may not have visited lately. Now is also a good time to suggest what you would like to see HABA do in 2007. We are laying out plans now.

In January we will have the Big Annual Auction and Knifemaking Workshop at Cowboy's in Bellville. Gather up tools and stuff, and make something special that can be donated.

In February we will feature bowls and vessel making at Ed Malmgen's shop to support the Hungry Bowls Initiative. More News will be posted shortly.

As you do the seasonal shopping, please give a look at our HABA Sponsors page and tell them you saw their link here and appreciate their donated support for our Auctions.

Come back often this month as the new web pages will become active and the Calendar updated. Download the preliminary version of our calendar (pdf) at HABA 2007.

We've had a really good year. Let's do it again. Until then, have a Safe and Joyful Holiday Season!

HABA Calendar for 2007 is Online

It's the annual clean-up and revise season here in the web shop. If something seems put away too good please let your web feller know. Last year's meeting schedule and topics have been archived on our HABA 2006 Calendar page. The 2007 meeting schedule and topics are announced on our HABA 2007 Calendar page which will be updated as often as possible. We hope you can attend and contribute to each meeting demonstration.

This front page of meetings announcement was trimmed back in December, and the complete listing for all of 2006 is still available at HABA 2006. Each of these sites contain links to each summary, photos, and announcement page we published for your convenience.

Candle Stick Hammer-In
at Tudor Forge in Magnolia was November 18

As we prepare for a time of holidays and thanks, the smith always wants to decorate for the season, and nothing does it better than a handsome handmade candlestick holder. Dave Koenig is going to demo one of our favorites making a coil base from round stock with a pipe candle cup. Participants can then make this or any other type of candle holder they want. The more variety we have the more we all learn.

Bring your forge or work at one already there. This will be another great opportunity for the hands on project that is easy for the new smith as well as the pros. To make this easier we will have material available for no charge featuring 4’ pre-cut length of of ¼” round bar, and 18” of ¾” black pipe with a screw to attach the two together.

More info at our site Smith be nimble, Smithy be quick, Please Mr. Blacksmith make me a candle stick (holder)!

Hanging Up New Tools at Barrington Farm
On October 28 and 29, Barrington Living History Farm invited HABA members to the farm for a weekend of forging. Last year the farm asked HABA to consider building a steel harrow that their team of oxen can pull to till the garden. In the past, several HABA members showed up to make or repair whatever was needed. It is always an enjoyable weekend for the members and the public who stop by to see what is being built.

Tee and Audrey Our request list for this year included:
  • Forged nails and hooks for hanging tools and stuff on the walls
  • Flat and or rounded chisel for wood working
  • Barking Iron for removing bark from tree limbs
  • Handle for the gate latch rod (yes they got our hinges installed on new gate)
  • Claw hammer
  • Primitive farm forge to use with bellows
Our web page with all the details is Smithin' in Texas 2006. Photos are at HABA Smithin' in Texas 2006
Legendary Frank Turley was featured at Forge Fest
Frank Turley at Forge Fest 2006 by Tee Hines HABA is very pleased to have enjoyed legendary blacksmith Frank Turley of Santa Fe, New Mexico as our featured demonstrator this Fall at our Forge Fest in Oldenburg on October 7! This was perhaps one of our biggest turn outs ever! Frank was the first person to be presented the Alex Bealer Award by ABANA in 1982. This honors the recipient for "service to the field of blacksmithing."

Turley is co-author with Marc Simmons of "Southwestern Colonial Ironwork", presently out-of-print and highly sought after.

More information is published at our web page 2006 Fall Forge Fest. If you have photos or video clips, please send to your webmaster whose camera apparently works only every other meeting, and this was not its time. Thanks for your help! A page of a few that have been sent in is posted at FF06 Photo Page 1

Prez Sez Thanks for Fall 2006

Your new HABA President Tee Hines updated the Prez Sez for the Fall of 2006 with a message of thanks and invitations to come out to a meeting and enjoy this special industrial art and craft opportunity available because of your active support.

Hammer-In Workday was Sept 16 at Armand Bayou Nature Center

HABA Flag HABA’s September 16 meeting was at the Armand Bayou Nature Center. It is located at 8500 Bay Area Boulevard in Pasadena, TX. This meeting was a hammer-in/workday for the Nature Center. It will be similar to the work HABA does the last weekend in October at Barrington Living History Farm at Washington on the Brazos State Park. It’s a day to bring your forge, tools and some stock and be ready to build something to enhance the Nature Center and/or just demonstrate for the public.

These ‘workdays’ are always a lot of fun for the people who stop to see what is going on and for us. Sometimes we even manage to complete something the facility can use and sometimes not. Regardless, the end result is always preserving and promoting the craft. So, if you have not come to a meeting like this, come to this one and learn right along with everyone else.

Please find details and photos on our page HABA's Bayou Nature.

HABA Board Meeting August 22

The HABA Board met as announced on Tuesday 6:30 pm at the offices of Stress Engineering Services in northwest Harris County. Officer elections were held, and other important business was acted upon.

Long time Board Members Cathy and James Porter have moved from town and can not participate as often or as easily as they would like, and are retiring from the active Board service. They will continue to participate as often as possible, so be sure to thank them when you see them for the many years of leadership and support they have provided.

We are very pleased to announce that we have some important management changes to report! Tee Hines has been elected as HABA President for 2006-2007, and he will be enthusiastically assisted by Les Cook as Vice President, Ed Malmgren as Treasurer, and Richard Boswell as Secretary. Dave Koenig will continue as Past President, Founder, and active Board Member.

Other news will be announced soon.

More information on the Board, including Minutes of previous meetings is now available at the new web page HABA Board 2006-2007.  

Refractory Technique was August 19

Bill Jones The August 19 HABA meeting was hosted by Ed Malmgren at Components Inc at East 610 Loop and McCarty. The featured demonstrators were the team of Bill and Clint Jones of Beaumont. Bill is a professional refractory expert, and with the help of his brother Clint they demonstrated refractory mixing and packing techniques for a ribbon burner as featured in the Winter issue of the ABANA Hammers Blow. They also showed and demonstrated a new style forge using expanded metal with four inches of blanket and a spray-on 95% reflective rigidizer.

Another part of the demonstration was learning how to cut your own fire brick. Learning these techniques would be especially important to those members who also have kilns.

HABA thanks Bill and Clint for the donation of materials which were sold to the attendees. Gerald Pollard was also present and he donated a copy to the HABA Library of the ABANA Conference photos he took in Seattle.

Please find more complete details and photos on our page Refractory Technology. Your webmaster requests that each of you who took photos (and notes) to send them in for publication because his camera failed to work at all!

Gerald Pollard from Austin sent in a very nice photo collection which is now posted on two pages for your review.

Cool Art for The Smithy was Indoors July 15

The second half of our joint meeting with HMAG was Saturday July 15th, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at the U of Houston (indoors, air-conditioned, hence COOL!) in the Fine Arts Building, Room 122. Specific details and lots of photos are on our page Forged Jewelry.

HMAG volunteers Rachel Clark and Chris Gorman demonstrated solder techniques and how to bezel set stones. We are also grateful to HMAG/HABA volunteers Nitza Maor, Gina Millunzi, Karin Martin, and Dottie Wood who provided the materials for the bezels and the cabochons and solder. They also added their special tips and methods for the basic soldering techniques and provided the handouts and materials to allow everyone to practice and take home their samples as well.

HMAG also did the ferrous/non-ferrous soldering. Tee Hines brought a bag of well made nails with the head of the nail at least 1/2 " in diameter to accommodate the stone's bezel. We attached our set stones to the nail heads using silver solder.

Houston Metal Arts Guild (HMAG) of Houston. HMAG is the HABA equivalent for jewelers. HABA hosted the first meeting at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Our first meeting with HMAG was in March and is featured on our web page BIG FIRE, BIG HAMMERS...

The July HABA Letter is Ready to Read

Dave Koenig has put together the next super edition of The HABA Letter and it is ready to download. It includes Meeting summaries, announcements about upcoming meetings, and the second article of the series on tool steels by Dave Smucker. Thanks again Dave!

Also, don't forget... we have them all on-line in the Archives.

Prez Sez Thanks in July 2006

Your HABA President updated his Prez Sez for the Summer of 2006 with a message of thanks and invitations to come out to a meeting and enjoy this special industrial art and craft opportunity available because of your active support.

Blacksmithing On Display Downtown

Complete Case HABA's blacksmithing display at The Shops of Houston Center, compliments of The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, is up and available to the public. Dave Koenig worked with Amy Weber from the Center to collect and organize these display items.

The display includes the work of Les Cook, Tee Hines, Mark Finstad, Brent Bailey, Dave Koenig, Charlie Williamson, Mike Boone, Michael Pratt, Nana Showalter, Rob Lyons and the work of four or more unknown smiths from Wisconsin, Arabia, North Africa, Irina Jaya and Pakistan. The exhibit will run through September.

More photos and directions are available at our website : HABA Downtown

Tee Hines' Hummingbird featured in Spring 2006 Hammer's Blow

Calla Lily by Tee Hines Last year our Vice President Tee Hines provided several of the hummingbirds he made for our Auctions. And he demoed this at Oldenburg in the evening hours. Then he wrote up an instruction article which became the Front Page Feature in the Spring 2006 ABANA Hammer's Blow (Vol 14, #2).

The article appeared in our January 2006 HABA Letter , and you can download a special PDF edition of the article here by clicking Hummingbird.

Also, our HABA Gallery has recent editions by Tee and others you willl want to visit.

Moving Metal with William Bastas in Magnolia June 17

Our annual June Hammer Extravaganza was hosted again by Robert and Betty Killbuck in Magnolia.

William Bastas William Bastas is Professor of Art Metals at Austin Community College (ACC) and brought wonderful examples of completed work including the magnificent dozen panel grill, and demonstrated architectural details including scrollwork and joinery. He also talked about forge hardware and tools. Overriding themes of the demonstration were illustrating the system of moving metal that William teaches in his class at ACC, and incorporating skills expected of a journeyman.

This was a special ten-hour demonstration! William is a fantastic demonstrator and teacher. He works to make the metal his own, and his hammer never misses. There was not a dull minute!

Metal Moving Demo projects for the day included nails, leaves, scrolls, assembly, and a hammer.

Congratulations to Dave Cruey for his having the lucky number for the special Ice Pick custom made by Mark Finstad!

The attendees were numerous, generous, and happy it did not rain all day long....

Our limited auction was not for the weak of heart and included a Bastis hammer William worked with all day (Congrats to Rudy Billings!), the demo scroll (in completed condition), and a mobil by Alan Lee made for the joint HABA-LAMA meeting last year. Long distance awards were considered for Gary Eversen from Austin (Balcones), Jerry Baker from Lafayette (LAMA), our own Reynolds Cushman from Salado, and James Porter just returned form Venezuela to list a few of the 60+ attendees.

Examples of William's work are found in the Balcones Forge Gallery : William J. Bastas. He has a new web page under development.

Please see our June web page Moving Metal for complete details and a large photo collection.

Bayou Bend Blacksmithing Workshop for Students June 15 and 22

The Houston Area Blacksmith’s Association (HABA) will conduct two, three to four hour workshops as part of an outreach program for eighth grade students from the Houston community. Students will immerse themselves in American history at Bayou Bend during a weeklong program. The art and craft of blacksmithing will be one component of each weekly program. The students were chosen based on an essay competition.

Tee Hines and Dave Koenig will demo June 15, and Les Cook and Dave Koenig will demo for June 22. Please see our web page Bayou Bend Blacksmithing Workshop for details, links, and photos.

If you have questions about this program please call 713-639-7750 for information.

Mark Finstad's Triple Demo was May 20 in Pearland

HABA board member Mark Finstad was the featured demonstrator for the May meeting. Many will recall the previous demos by Mark in March 04 and Feb 05, and his recent bowls shown at our Feb 06 meeting. This was another great opportunity to learn how he designs and makes these excellent works.

Mark's Bowl HABA’s host and Mark’s helper for the demo is HABA member Troy Morgan. The meeting was held in Pearland, TX.

Mark has three separate demos planned, forging a cablemascus billet, demonstrating air chisel chasing and forging one of his cleverly designed bottle openers.

The meeting web page with links to a lot of photos is at Triple Demo.

HABA in Magnolia for Depot Day April 22

HABA was invited to demonstrate to the public during the 13th Annual Magnolia Depot Day on a beautiful April 22. This was Saturday at the Historic Depot at Melton St. in downtown Magnolia, north of Houston. The event featured live music, a craft fair, antiques, auctions, a carnival, and fun for all. And now they will have Blacksmiths!

All proceeds from the event go the Historical Committee for restoration and beautification projects and Depot Museum upkeep. Be sure to visit their website at http://www.depotday.org/

Tee Hines and Richard Boswell were there with anvils and forges, and visited with a steady stream of interested visitors and Depot Committee members.
HABA visited St John's School on April 20

HABA received a request to demo blacksmithing to the fourth grade classes at St John's School in Houston in support of their study of Colonial Crafts and history. Tee Hines and Les Cook volunteered and had an enjoyable day visiting the school. We thank Ms. Clare Casademont for organizing the opportunity, and to Tee and Les for their efforts.
Oldenburg Blacksmith's Round-Up was April 7-9

We updated our HammerFest event to represent what we have been doing each year, and for some planned changes at the Oldenburg site. We changed the Fall event name to Forge Fest to coincide with the permanent pavillion Kennie Hall has built at the Oldenburg site. This means we do not have to rent the Big Top Tent and we look towards an exciting new era of growth for our twice a year get together. For the Spring event we now call it the Spring Blacksmith's Round-Up.

EJ McCann forging in the shade The HABA Spring Oldenburg Blacksmith's Round-Up is a FREE, casual weekend of smithing where everyone is demonstrating as well as visiting, spectating, buying and selling to each other and the public. Nothing but opportunity to learn and to work the market. And this year we have a covered pavillion to setup in and work under, rain or shine.

Blacksmiths across Texas, Louisiana and all points from there have an opportunity to gather for the day, work and show their wares during the Show weekend of Round Top in Oldenburg, TX. Five acres of land is being made available to blacksmiths during the famous Round Top Antique Show. The Round Top, TX antique show expanded over the years to include the neighboring towns of Warrenton, Shelby, Oldenburg and a few other places in between. The show occurs in April and October each year.

More information, maps and details are on our web page Spring Blacksmith's Round-Up.

Photos are found on the web page HABA Round Up 2006

Katy Folk Life Festival was April 1

Tee Hines at Katy Folklife 2006 HABA returned to the Big Red Barn forge shop at the Katy Folk Life Festival on April 1. This festival celebrates how life was like for the pioneers of early Texas. Members were also invited to bring their forge and setup around the barn. This year we kept the Red Barn Forge hot with the efforts of Tee Hines, Richard Boswell, Steve Blankinship, Russell and Locke Parrish, as the numerous visitors were welcomed by Ed Malmgren. Richard Boswell enjoyed making four special commisioned pieces with proceeds of $95 going to HABA. Many visitors expressed interest in joining and attending future meetings to learn more.

Our photo page from this year is available at HABA at Katy Folklife 2006.

Our page from our last visit there is available at HABA at Katy Folklife 2004.

The Kenneth D. Welch Outdoor Learning Center is a facility owned and operated by the Katy Independent School District. The OLC, as it is most often called, is located about 1/4 mile west of the Katy ISD Administration building at 6301 South Stadium Lane, Katy, Texas.

Joint Meeting on March 18 with HMAG

Our March 18 meeting was the first of two joint meetings with the The purpose of this meeting is to give the jewelers an opportunity to experience our craft. HABA brought four forges, materials, tools, and coaches to work with HMAG members at the forge and anvil.

Later in the year, August perhaps, HMAG will reciprocate and invite HABA members to experience their craft. This meeting may take place at the Glassell School of Art. Those of us who take advantage of this opportunity will soon understand that the process is the same. Only the metal and size of the work really changes.

HABA Members Dave Koenig, Lawrence Chambers, Richard Boswell, and Les Cook brought 3 gas forges and 1 coal forge for the day. They were joined by Membership Chair Ed Malmgren and several new members for a most pleasant day with an enthusiastic group of attendees.

Please visit our web page BIG FIRE, BIG HAMMERS... for photos, more information and directions.

ABANA Disaster Relief Fund Update

HABA has supported the ABANA Disaster Relief Fund with a donation of $1600, and we salute all of you who have made this possible. Contributions are still invited, and checks are now being written. As weather continues to display many faces of grace and fury, as Spring brings new leaves to the trees and Bluebonnets to our hill sides, take time to recall the need our neighbors have been in since the last hurricane season. If you can, please support this program which will now continue to offer a helping hand if and when this happens again. And it likely will be needed again, and we will be better prepared.

If you know of a fellow smith that has been affected, tell them about this program and help them access the forms to qualify for funding. Simply click http://www.abana.org/affiliates/index.shtml to reach the forms.

Donations should be by check, US Postal Money Order or Canadian Postal Money Order made out to “ABANA Relief Fund”. ABANA will provide a receipt for all donations of $250 or more. Please address your donation to:
  • ABANA Relief Fund
  • P.O. Box 816
  • Farmington, GA 30638

Thank You.

School Demos Continue

HABA has responded to several more requests for blacksmithing demonstrations at local schools, and we want to thank our Members who have provided this service. Last Fall Tee Hines and Dave Koenig were at The Fay School. This year Dave Koenig and Les Cook were at Poe Elementary, and Dave Koenig helped Christian Darce at Christ Community School in Shanadoah where his daughter attends. In April Dave and Les will be at The St Johns School in Houston. Dave has also been doing this for school kids at the HCCC.

These are very rewarding experiences for the demonstrators as well as the kids. If you would be able to help out next time please contact Dave Koenig. We are developing procedures and guidelines to facillitate these demos and make it easier to plan and communicate with the schools.

It was President's Day at Barrington Farm March 4-5

For the first time since their creation at Washington-on-the-Brazos in 1836, the most revered documents from Texas' history will be reunited in this rare exhibition at the Star of the Republic Museum . Don't miss the opportunity to see the original hand-written Declaration of Independence, the first draft of the Constitution of the Republic of Texas, and the diary of Col. William Fairfax Gray describing the proceedings of the Convention. An 1836 newspaper copy of the last letter from William Barret Travis at the Alamo to the delegates at Washington-on-the-Brazos, beseeching them to “let the convention go on” will also be featured. Additional key documents will clarify the settlers’ grievances against the Mexican Government and their reasons for declaring independence.

HABA's Barrington Hinges.jpg HABA returned to Barrington Living History Farm where the stringers and pickets around the Anson Jones house have been replaced. The pedestrian gate on the east side will now be a double gate. The double gate on the north side will be replaced. We were asked to make hardware for the gates similar to what we did several years ago. We did that, and now it is time to install them while we demo for the public. More details will be found at our web site Gate Hinges.

The weekend demo at Barrington Farm was staffed by Les Cook, Tee Hines, and Richard and Ginger Boswell on Saturday, and Dave Koenig replaced Tee on Sunday. Approximately 2000 visitors came through the farm and most of them stopped at the barn to visit with the Blacksmiths. We repaired the HABA Cultivator which has been used a lot, made shackle hangers for hog spreaders, repaired a broken leg on a Dutch Oven, and made nails, leaves, hooks, and more all day long for the visitors on Saturday and Sunday. Russell and Locke Parrish helped out and several other HABA Members stopped in to visit.

A photo collection is available at HABA Saturday and HABA Sunday for your enjoyment. A good time was had by all, and our hats are off to the staff and volunteers at Barrington Living History Farm for their hospitality and dedication to this endeavor!

Coal Miner Appreciation

Tragedy has struck the energy world not once but twice more. Next time you fire up your coal forge, give a little thanks and prayer for those who got that coal out of the ground for you. The Sago Mine near Buckhannon, West Virginia took 12 lives in an underground coal mine explosion to start off the year on Jan 2. Information may be found at Mine Safety and Health Administration , and at photos of the site and Washington Post reports.

Two miners were killed in a Jan. 19 accident at the Aracoma Alma Mine No. 1 in Melville, W.Va. when they became separated from their buddies escaping an equipment fire underground.

An excellent on-line article about Coal Miners is found at the ABA site by David Allen : Coal Miners--an essay, as well as more information on coal.

HABA Board Meeting Tuesday Feb 21

The first Board Meeting of the year will be Feb 21 from 6 pm-9 pm and all members are welcome to attend. It will be held on Tuesday evening at Schindler Metalworks at 1802 Crockett St in Houston. If you have a topic of special interest you would like to address, please contact your President so that he may include this on the Agenda.

Bowls and Vessel Making was February 18

The February 18 HABA meeting was a vessel making workshop. This meeting was planned in response to the Call for Bowls and Artworks as described below. This was graciously hosted by Ed Malmgren at his Components,Etc Fab Shop in northeast Houston. Clint Jones came over from Beaumont to lead the demo with aid from his brother Bill Jones. It was a very educational and entertaining demo from Clint who has been smithing since he was thirteen and is known for his forge shop and heat treating expertise.

Please visit our website for the event at Bowling with HABA. Some photos of the demo have already been posted. More will follow to show some of the great show & tell of recent work the Members brought in.

If you are interested in making a vessel as requested in the call below, please contact Dave Koenig at 281-855-2869 or at tudorforge@sbcglobal.net . Let him know what you would like to contribute. He will keep a list of expected donations from HABA members and inform the coordinator of this event, Tom Perry, as to what he can expect from the blacksmiths. Tom would like to collect completed vessels by the end of January if possible but will certainly accept vessels after this date.

Call for Bowls and Artworks

Please Join Local Artists and Craftspeople for Houston’s Second Annual Empty Bowls Event March 3 & 4, 2006.

The Empty Bowls Initiative is a grassroots effort by artists and craftspeople across the country to feed the hungry in their communities. The Houston Empty Bowls Committee along with the Houston Food Bank and the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft are seeking contributions of handmade bowls and artworks from local artists and craftspeople.

Knife Making Workshop was January 28

Our annual Knife Making Workshop was a grand opportunity for the many old and new Members to converge on a single theme to make and take home a useful knife, and to donate and bid at our Annual Fund Raising Auction. This year's workshop was hosted by Cowboy Szymanski at his new shop in Bellville, Texas. He has helped in many of our previous knife demos and was a featured addition at our last Fall Forge Fest in Oldenburg.

Example RR Spike Knives This year's theme was the Railroad Spike Knife. Simple material with endless variations was forged and hammered by young and older following an excellent demo by Cowboy, in a warm and cozy blacksmith shop environment. Even the rain outdoors did not slow the teams working under the tents outside.

Please visit our web site for the January 28 HABA Knife Workshop event for all the details and lots of photos.

Pocahontas Coal is ready for new order

Several Members have said their coal bin is getting low again and Member Cowboy Szymanski brought a big shipment of Pocahontas Coal down from W.Va. This has been depleted. If you would like to be on the next shipment list for placing an order or are interested please contact Cowboy Szymanski at his new shop in Bellville at 713-724-6813.

This clean burning West Virginia coal is similar to what he arranged at George Ranch several years ago, and users of this last shipment are very pleased with the quality.

HABA Calendar for 2006 is Online

Last year's meeting schedule and topics are archived on our HABA 2005 Calendar page. The 2006 meeting schedule and topics are announced on our HABA 2006 Calendar page which will be updated as often as possible. We hope you can attend and contribute to each meeting demonstration.

This front page of meetings announcement was trimmed back in December, and the complete listing for all of 2005 is still available at HABA 2005.

Please Join and be a part of HABA today to receive the current Newsletter ! Contact Ed Malmgren for the latest information. To receive your Family Membership Card or to update your records please send Ed an email with a Membership Application.

Annual Memberships are due at start of the year! Click Family Membership Form to download a pdf of the application.

Family Membership for 2007 are still only $20. Ask Ed about the reduced amount for remainder of 2006!

Our PayPay on-line signup has had a small problem in the past few months concerning email forwarding, but we believe this is now corrected. If you have used this service and not received confirmations, please send a note to Ed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

But we are back in the saddle again and you can use this on-line PayPal service to reduce your/our paper shuffle! Again, please send Ed an email that you have submitted this so he can update our records as soon as possible.

Thanks for your continued support!

Select a Newsletter delivery : email only Send by regular mail I will download from HABAIRON.ORG

HABA Programs for 2006
Please visit our Calendar for details

  • January 28 - Annual Knife Workshop with Cowboy Szymanski in Bellville, Texas
  • Balcones Forge - February 25-26 with Japeth Howard
  • February 18 - Bowls and Vessel Making with Clint Jones at Components in Houston
  • LAMA's Conference - "Banging On the Bayou XIV" is March 11-12 at Beaver Park in Lafayette, LA.
  • March 18 - Joint meeting with Houston Metal Arts Guild (HMAG)
  • April 1 - 20th Annual Katy ISD Folklife Festival featuring a HABA demonstrator.
  • April 7-> 9 - Spring Blacksmith Roundup at Oldenburg
  • April 22 - Magnolia Depot Day in Magnolia, Texas
  • May 20 - Mark Finstad's Triple Demo in Pearland
  • June 17 - Moving Metal Hammer Control with William Bastas at Robert Killbuck's Shop in Magnolia
  • July - 5-8 2006 ABANA Conference in Seattle
  • July 15 - Joint meeting with HMAG at the U of H
  • August 19 - Refractory Technology with Bill Jones at Components in Houston
  • September 16 - Armand Bayou Demo Workshop
  • October 6-> 8 - Fall Forge Fest at Oldenburg with Frank Turley
  • October 28 and 29 - Barrington Living History Farm "Smithing in Texas"
  • Nov - Spanish Tracks and Trails at Goliad
  • Nov 18 - Candle Holder Hammer-In at Tudor Forge in Magnolia
  • Dec - Happy Hammer Holidays !

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