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    Les Cook
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    Richard Boswell

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    Dave Koenig

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    Frank Walters

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    Larry Hoff


To Preserve and Promote the Art and Craft of Blacksmithing Through Education.

Welcome to HABAIRON.ORG, the website of the Houston Area Blacksmith's Association, the Internet resource of choice for the blacksmith in and around Houston, Texas. We have the technology!

Thank you Dave Koenig for hosting our Hinge making Meeting last month! Estm 20 attendees saw you make hinges, pintels , and latches ! See photos at the February Summary page.

March 22, 2003 Meeting

Welding Work Shop


Lincoln Electric

This is going to be a great meeting, an opportunity to learn all about the latest in welding technology, do some plasma cutting and practice welding with a stick ( note: 4th Saturday ! )

When & Where :

Directions to Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric
at NW quadrant of intersection of Beltway 8 and Hardy.

Lincoln Electric is located in Suite 585, 770 Bradfield, Houston, 77060. This located in the NW quadrant of intersection of Beltway 8 and Hardy. Lincolnís phone number is 281-847-9444 and our hosts are Tom Angelino, Manager and Dan Hernandez Assistant Manager.

Saturday March 22 :

The schedule looks like this:

  • 8:00 : Sign in, donuts and coffee provided by Ed Malmgren
  • 8:30 : The first classroom session starts with up to thirty people. Part of the agenda will be a plasma cutter demo and hands on with the cutter.
  • Welding and forging begin after the first class if there are less than thirty people. Begin a second classroom session if needed.
  • 12:00 : Break for lunch. Bring your own lunch or visit a local eating establishment.
  • 1:00 : Continue welding and forging after lunch.
  • 4:30 : Wrap up

What to Bring


Bring safety glasses with side shields. This is a requirement!

Bring your forge and tools if you have them.

Bring your own welder as long as it is self powered. (No John. Your welder does not need to be a Lincoln. Your Bobcat will be welcome.)

Bring your hood and gloves if you have them. There will some hoods and gloves available for folks who do not have them.

Bring your safety glasses with side shields and wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants and work shoes. Please Note: NO SNEAKERS, SANDALS OR ANY TYPE OF OPEN SHOES WILL BE ALLOWED

Bring your forge if you have one. Our hosts would like to see some forge welding and to try their hand at it. This is also an opportunity to do general forging like at any other HABA meeting.

If you do not have a forge and tools, please come anyway. There will be plenty of room at some forge during the workshop and someone to lend you a hand if you need it.

You do not have to be a member to attend our meetings! Bring a Guest!
Please Join and be a part of HABA today to receive the current Newsletter ! Call James Porter at 281-337-5384 for the latest information.


This is going to be a great meeting, an opportunity to learn all about the latest in welding technology, do some plasma cutting and practice welding with a stick.

The March HABA meeting will be a welding workshop for those who never had a chance to weld and an opportunity for experienced welders to learn about the latest welding technology.

This workshop started out with Robert Killbuck and Bobby Tedder and Les Cook talking up the welding workshop idea. The workshop was added to HABAís meeting agenda where Ed Malmgren read about it. Ed is on the board of the American Welding Society and contacted Lincoln Electric to see of they had any interest in hosting a HABA meeting.

Lincolnís manager Tom Angelino was very interested so the March welding workshop got expanded from a workshop for just beginners to a workshop for the beginners and an opportunity for the experienced welders to learn all about the latest welding technology.

This is a very good example of how a simple meeting idea can turn into a remarkable opportunity. Members are stepping forward to contribute their time and ideas more and more within HABA and it shows the strength of this growing organization

Some relevent on-line links for your viewing....

LAMA Electric Welding Lincoln Electric JF Lincoln Foundation
American Welding Society The ABCs of Steel Metallurgy Welding Education
A History of Thermal Joining History of Wrought Iron Iron History
Wrought Iron Ironsmithing Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
Blacksmith Museum On Line

Attendees were instructed on the technology and practiced Stick, MIG, TIG welding, and Plasma cutting at four work stations with a variety of equipment.

P3220001b.jpg P3220002b.jpg P3220008b.jpg
P3220020b.jpg P3220006b.jpg P3220030b.jpg
P3220032b.jpg P3220033b.jpg P3220035b.jpg
P3220031b.jpg P3220005b.jpg P3220039b.jpg

HABA Training Progression

Following for your review is the most recent draft of the proposed "HABATraining Progression". Your comments are welcome and may be sent to Dave Koenig, 76021.3660@compuserve.com.

The HABA Training Progression has no identified chairperson at this time. Contact Dave if you can help.

Microsoft Word version

Adobe Acrobat PDF version

Upcoming Programs for 2003:

  • Jan - Lee Oates : Knife making seminar at Leeís shop in LaPorte
  • Feb - Dave Koenig: Hinges at Tudor Forge
  • Mar - Arc Welding seminar at Lincoln Welding
  • Apr - Hammer Fest: Oldenburg
  • May - Proposed: Treadle Hammer/Fly Press tool seminar
  • Jun - TBA - IronFest
  • Jul - Meeting of the Guilds
  • Aug - HABA Brain Storm Session
    and or How to value work/ How to display work
  • Sept - TBA
  • Oct - Hammer Fest: Oldenburg
  • Nov - Plant Tour TBA
  • Dec - Happy Holidays

Notes about this Website

This website is Under Development and will continue to evolve for HABA Members.

The use any of the material from this site is at your own risk. All persons associated with this material disclaim any responsibility or liability for damages or injuries resulting from the use or application of this information. They assume no responsibility or liability for the accuracy, fitness, proper design, safety or safe use of any information presented here.

Please send all feedback/correction/omission/suggestions to webmaster .

Last updates were on Feb 16, 2003

© Copyright 2003 by HABA. All rights reserved.

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