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Historical Blacksmithing in Texas

Spirit of Blacksmithing in the Historic Coastal Bend
by Richard Boswell

Historical Blacksmiths in Texas
by Richard Boswell

A Son of The Blacksmith
by Robert DeLaney

Unlce Wayne Meadows Irons It Out
by Richard Boswell

The Texas Forge Review
the early years of the rebirth of blacksmithing in Texas in the 20th Century : TABA 1982-1988
by Richard Boswell

Remember The Alamo
The early Texas Smiths were there....before and after....
by Richard Boswell

History of Metals 2011
A presentation to ASM Seminar on Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist (3 Mb pdf download)

History of Metals -The Long Journey of Smiths Sept 2013

A presentation to ASM Seminar on Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist (9.6 Mb pdf download)
by Richard Boswell

Restoration of Galveston's Elissa
This is a three part article published in the ABANA Anvils Ring, written by Joe Pehoski, Doug McLean, and George Holliday. This publication article series describes the vessel history and the work they provided in the original restoration of hardware on the historical sailing ship Elissa in 1980, now a popular tourist destination in Galveston. The Elissa is a wrought iron barque, with three masts built in 1877 at an Aberdeen shipyard. Click each link below for a PDF copy of each article.

Texas is big and old, and the feel of the place never ceases to amaze me. The passion and the growth are like a candle to a moth. I wasn't born here but I got here as quick as I could, that's what many of us say. I wrote some articles about this history and will try to add to them. I invite you to submit yours and we will publish. Go and research the small town, the rural, the remote blacksmith and let's tell his story. Maybe it was your Grandfather! What was his business, when was it good, where was it, and when did it end?

Click on the above and follow the threads I found and embedded in the stories (if they are still active).

Robert DeLaney has written an autoibiography book which includes a lot of information about his father who was a blacksmith in Houston in the early 1900's and later founded a well known fabrication shop. You will enjoy the excerpts and photos on this page and you can contact Pieh Tools for a copy of the book which was published in limited quantities before Robert passed away.

HABA Member Wayne Meadows was the smith in Old Town Spring for a number of years and was the second President and an organizer of TABA, a predecessor to HABA. Read about this gentleman and his career with historical projects.

Once upon a time, or so the story goes, magic happens.....and the story of the Texas Blacksmithing rebirth may be one of those instances. I was privileged to hear the story from several of the smiths who were part of that moment at the Fall Forge Fest in Oldenburg featuring Frank Turley in 2006.

Wendel Broussard and Joe Pehoski were there in 1982 and in 2006. Wendel has loaned me a file folder of old newsletters published from 1982 thru 1988 called The Forge Review. Texas was added to the title in 1987. This significant collection of newsletters from the 1980's explains a lot of what happened before many of us learned we could do it too!

Enjoy your heritage,

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