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October 8, 2005


New Pavillion nearing completion We updated our HammerFest event to represent what we have been doing each year, and for some planned changes at the Oldenburg site. We changed the event name to Forge Fest to coincide with the permanent pavillion Kennie Hall has built at the Oldenburg site. This means we do not have to rent the Big Top Tent and we look towards an exciting new era of growth for our twice a year get together.

200 Poster by Frank Walters The Antique Weekend at Round Top was not the typical weekend we have known before, and gas prices/hurricane recovery kept the overall traffic much lower than usual. HABA was there Oct 7-9 starting on Friday as usual, with an evening of casual forging and fellowship. The main event was Saturday, featuring a day long sequence of demonstrations.

Many attended form HABA and Balcones Forge, and we brought tools and work to sell to other blacksmiths and the public. Our web site for the event is HABA Fall ForgeFest. Photos will be posted shortly.

Our demonstrator agenda changed a couple of times, but we ended up with an absolutely dynamite day of expert demonstrating featuring :
  • Gary Evensen - HABA & Balcones
  • Dan Smith - Balcones
  • Cowboy Szymanski - HABA
  • Dan Smith Encore - Balcones
  • Cowboy Szymanski Encore - HABA

Gary had his Encore ready to go, but it was time for the great bar-b-que feast provided by our hosts, the most gracious Halls. So we requested, and Gary readily agreed, that we could save it for next time!

Please see a few of the photos below.

Two Auctions were conducted during the day and great tailgating sales took place. Everyone left with great values on their purchases and auction prizes. Nearly everyone left with at least one newly created HABA Tee-Shirt now available in black or brown. And the camping and overall fellowship was excellent. We should get together again soon, like next Spring as we like to do. Hopefully LAMA will be back in the saddle and ready to travel.

Our organizer Les Cook did a great job of planning the event and letting it be a "WE" job making this event happen in spite of all the obstacles placed in our way. This was another fine example of the teamwork we are usually spoiled with.

The original list of demonstrators changed as we approached the day. HABA lost its North Texas demonstrator before hurricane Rita, and then she forced the cancellation of the LAMA and ETBA demonstrators. Our hearts go out to the demonstrators, their families and everyone else caught in the recent disasters.

Blacksmiths across Texas, Louisiana and all points from there have an opportunity to gather for the day, work and show their wares during the Show weekend of Round Top in Oldenburg, TX. Five acres of land is being made available to blacksmiths during the famous Round Top Antique Show. The Round Top, TX antique show expanded over the years to include the neighboring towns of Warrenton, Shelby, Oldenburg and a few other places in between. The show occurs in April and October each year.

Oldenburg is located about 90 miles northwest of Houston. During the weekend over 1,000 vendors sell and 200,000 buyers enjoy the shows, buy and drive the beautiful countryside.

The owner of the property has an interest in smithing and played in the Oldenburg blacksmith shop while growing up. The original site of the Oldenburg shop is just a few stone throws away from the five-acre site. The original Oldenburg shop is now operating again at the George Ranch Historical Park south of Houston.

Everyone is invited to come to Oldenburg and demonstrate. Our gracious hosts are Kennie and Susan Hall. There is no cost for the general grounds. A hat is passed to defray the expenses for power, water and porta-jons. Camping is available on-site with a hot and cold running water shower!

All Blacksmiths and friends and visitors are invited to sell, buy or just visit. Remember that this Forgefest weekend is the same weekend as the Antique Show for Round Top Antique Show. Thousands of vendors and hundreds of thousands of buyers are roaming the countryside between Round Top, Warrenton, Oldenburg, Fayetteville and Shelby during this event.

When & Where :

The Forgefest site in Oldenburg, TX is located at the intersection of Highway 237 and Bauer Road. The site is north of town on the East Side of highway 237. See maps and the site layout below.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 7-9 :

The Preliminary schedule looks like this:

  • Friday 8:00 am : Sign in and setup, sell and individual demonstrations

  • Saturday 8:00 am : Demonstrations begin in the Big Shed
  • <
  • Saturday 6:00 pm : Demonstrations end

  • Sunday 9:00 am : Demonstrate, Clean up and Depart

Fall ForgeFest Layout

Tools For Sale
And of course there will be the traditional tailgating tool sales with old anvils, vices, and tongs!

Camping - Friday - Sunday :

Camping available in the field behind demonstration area.
No charge to members, their families and their guests (donations will be collected to help with expenses)
Portable toilets, water and electricity are available

Sales Tents - Friday - Sunday:

Club Information and Fundraising Tables - Memberships and Handmade items donated by members for sale to the public

Member’s Sales - Opportunity to sell your excess tools (anvils, forges, and hand tools ), supplies, hand made items to other members or to the public.

Demonstrations Friday and All day Saturday, and Sunday if you want to

What to Bring

Chairs, canopys, tents, food and drink.

Bring safety glasses with side shields. This is a requirement!

Bring your forge and tools if you have them.

If you do not have a forge and tools, please come anyway. There will be plenty of room at some forge during the workshop and someone to lend you a hand if you need it.

You do not have to be a member to attend our meetings! Bring a Guest! Bring your Membership Dues if you want to work at a forge and are not a current Member !

Minors are welcome but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please Join and be a part of HABA today! Call or email Les Cook at 281-481-2457 for the latest information.


HammerFest is held in Spring and Fall in conjunction with the Round Top antique festival
Open to the public - at no charge for admission to the grounds
Date - Saturday October 08, 2004
Place: Highway 237 and Bauer Rd. – Oldenburg, TX

  • To promote HABA and attract new members
  • To share basic blacksmith techniques with new club members
  • To provide blacksmith tools (anvils, forges, hand tools) for sale
  • To provide social opportunity to meet new members
  • To provide social opportunity to meet members of other blacksmith clubs
  • To raise funds for club through donated items from members

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This is always a great event. Here are some photos from this Forge Fest event in 2005.
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Directions to Oldenburg

The Hammerfest site in Oldenburg, TX is located at the intersection of Highway 237 and Bauer Road. The site is on the north end of town on he East Side of Highway 237.

click here for more maps

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