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Welcome to HABAIRON.ORG, the website of the Houston Area Blacksmith's Association, the Internet resource of choice for the blacksmith in and around Houston, Texas. We have the technology!

October 6-8, 2006



HABA is very pleased to have enjoyed legendary blacksmith Frank Turley of Santa Fe, New Mexico as our featured demonstrator this Fall at our Forge Fest in Oldenburg on October 7! This was perhaps one of our biggest turn outs ever! Our demonstrator was the first person to be presented the Alex Bealer Award by ABANA in 1982. This honors the recipient for "service to the field of blacksmithing."

Turley is co-author with Marc Simmons of "Southwestern Colonial Ironwork", presently out-of-print and highly sought after.

Frank Turley began smithing in 1962 as a farrier's apprentice. He worked with three "hot shoers" and shod show Morgans for five years before turning his attention to ornamental ironwork. He began taking orders for fire tools, fireplace screens, branding irons, and kitchen utensils. He worked with Victor Vera in Santa Fe, Victor as a young man, being Pancho Villa's gunsmith under duress. Victor was making furniture hardware for a local firm. In 1970, Turley opened Turley Forge Blacksmithing School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has graduated a large number of working smiths from his short courses, and he is a popular workshop presenter. He is a "guru's helper", where he answers questions on www.anvilfire.com. Click on Guru's Den. Also, you can read a nice summary of the ABANA Conference by Frank there.

Many great photos taken during the day have been submitted by several members including Dave Koenig, Tee Hines, James Moran, Tom Colby, and Mike Sledge. Please click...

We had a great Auction Saturday afternoon. Thank you all for donating your special made items including two special pieces from Frank, and we thank you for the generous bidding that took these home.

Friday, Saturday night, and Sunday were open forge hammer-in days. Many new Members got in a lot of supervised forge time, and the experienced folk did too!

blacksmithing demo 5055_b.jpg Several of Frank's former students attended including Texas Legend Joe Pehoski of Salado (yellow shirt) who was his first student! The span of students included Byrom Wehner (blue shirt), Les Cook (straw hat on head and Past Presdient of HABA and now our VP) , and Will Outland (brown shirt) from Corpus Christi.

Past President and now Secretary/webmaster Richard Boswell was presented by the Board a special stamped hammer made by Brent Bailey which he very much appreciated. He then introduced Frank to the Audience by first introducing Dave Koenig, the founder of HABA. Dave was influenced early on by Texas Legend Joe Pehoski at a Frank Turley demo at Washington-on-the-Brazos in 1980.

Dave introduced Joe who then gave a heartfelt thanks to Frank and told us how he got started in smithing, and how the early days of pre-TABA were created. His close friend and another Texas Legend Wendel Broussard provided a file folder (on loan) of the great and early pre-TABA newsletters which HABA intends to scan and post soon.

Frank said "My first student was Joe Pehoski of Salado, and when Joe first moved to Texas , his shop was at Washington-on-the Brazos. He invited me to present a workshop there in 1980. There was a kind of crafty center there at the time called Peaceable Kingdom."

Frank then presented HABA Forge Fest a day long non-stop potpourri of toolsmithing, forge welding, and ornamental elements. HABA's new P.A. system made it easy to hear what was said. The agenda included at least 13 items:

  • Habermann Leaf
  • Barrel Hinge with round finial
  • welding square stock to square tubing
  • Snub Scroll
  • Claraboya Element
  • Three Stem Rose Leaf
  • 6" Round Link
  • Slit Chisel of S7 Tool Steel
  • Fire Rake upgrade
  • Upset Square Corner
  • Penny Scroll
  • Fiddle Head Scroll
  • Devil's Scroll

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